Biden’s Radicalism Unmasked

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By Brian Burch for RealClearPolitics

“He’s smiling while he steamrolls.” That’s the way former Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean recently summed up the governing strategy of the Biden administration.

From abortion to racial politics, to the politicization of science and a humanitarian crisis on the border, the first 100 days of the new administration have indeed brought a partisan wrecking ball to the priorities of religious voters — albeit with a smile hidden beneath the president’s mask.

Cloaked beneath promises of decency and a return to norms, President Biden set the tone early with his first executive order, which toppled the time-honored principle of equality in favor of “equity.”

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Whereas equality speaks to the universal bonds that bind us as Americans, grounded in our common humanity, “equity” subverts the founding principle, pitting citizen vs. citizen to assign value to certain favored political identity groups. In practice, the woke-inspired scheme means our agenda – by any means necessary.

Likewise on his first day in office, Biden signed executive orders gutting virtually all immigration and border security enforcement. The move was celebrated by religious voters who were promised a more humane immigration policy.

The result has been a humanitarian disaster. A record surge to the border has ensued, encouraged by then candidate Joe Biden, with guns, drugs and children being smuggled over our southern border at record rates.

Cartels are thriving, often renting out children so single adults can claim they are parents to garner asylum, only to send the children back south to repeat the process. The kids that do stay over are being held in the notorious “cages” without regard to COVID protocols and detention limits set in law.

Then there’s the administration’s top-down decision to prioritize politics over science when it comes to education. Despite repeated proclamations from the Centers for Disease Control that schools can safely reopen, the administration has sided with teacher unions across the country that have refused to go back to in-person schooling.

While keeping schools closed, the administration has also demanded that biological boys be allowed to compete on girls’ sports teams. Biden’s Department of Justice even withdrew support from a group of Connecticut high school girls seeking to protect their right to not have to compete against biological men.

When and if teachers do return to school, the administration aims to indoctrinate students into the debunked critical race theory.

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Armed with the historically flawed and ideological “1619 Project” as a blueprint, the Department of Education plans to use the bait of federal funding to force school districts around the country to teach their students that America is systemically racist.

These policies and others are being executed by a cadre of leftist culture warriors with whom Biden has filled his administration. At the top of the heap is Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra.

In the midst of a global pandemic, Biden nominated Becerra, who had no prior health care experience, to lead the department tasked with managing the humanitarian crisis at the border, while also executing the administration’s coronavirus response.

Why? Because what Becerra lacked in health care experience, he more than made up for in abortion policy extremism.

Becerra earned his credentials pursuing pro-life pregnancy centers in California, while prosecuting journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s underground baby body parts trade. Narrowly confirmed, Becerra immediately proposed resuming the federal purchase of tissue taken from aborted children for research.

United with Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s Democrats in Congress, the Biden administration recently celebrated the passage of the massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus “relief” bill.

Signed in March, the bailout bill was the first piece of major federal legislation since 1976 to exclude the Hyde Amendment, a long-standing bipartisan agreement that prohibits federal taxpayer dollars from being used to directly pay for abortions — a policy long supported by Biden until he ran for president.

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Democrats have been gunning for the Hyde Amendment for years, and finally found their opening and exploited the coronavirus emergency to do it.

Equally sinister, the House passed the Equality Act, which would allow biological men in women’s bathrooms, force faith-based charities and hospitals to participate in abortions, and allow states to take kids away from their parents if the parents object to administering puberty-blocking drugs. Biden has promised to sign it.

Furiously working to entrench their power, Biden has created a commission to “study” whether to pack the Supreme Court. His allies in Congress meanwhile have dropped all pretense, having introduced a bill to immediately add four new justices to the court.

They also hope to pack the U.S. Senate by making D.C. and Puerto Rico the 51st and 52nd states, a cynical ploy to ensure these Democrat-strongholds would send them four more Democrat senators for decades to come.

Many on the right mock Joe Biden as a senile old man, incapable of running the country. This is a critical mistake.

Biden is installing an army of hard-left ideologues in every facet of the federal government with the goal of remaking America from the ground up.

Combining radical policies like open borders, unlimited abortion, and packing the Supreme court as ways to advance the “equity” agenda, the Biden administration has never sought to restore previous norms, but instead to create its own.

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

Brian Burch is president of CatholicVote, a national faith-based organization.

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