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intifada america
April 22, 2024
The chant of “Death to America” is being heard on American soil, and it is being written off as First Amendment-protected speech.
democrat election money
April 12, 2024
Progressives are using legal loopholes and the federal government to maximize Democrat votes in the 2024 election at taxpayers’ expense.
guyana president climate change
April 9, 2024
President Mohamed Irfaan Ali of Guyana became a hero as he refused to take lectures on climate change from a BBC reporter during an interview.
social security bankrupt
April 8, 2024
It will take an extra $175.3 trillion to keep Medicare and Social Security intact for when today’s children reach old age.
effects of illegal immigration
March 28, 2024
By James Varney and Abigail Degnan for RealClearInvestigations When President Biden’s supporters attacked him for describing the man who allegedly […]
debt unustainable
March 22, 2024
The U.S. debt held by the public is expected to more than double during the next 26 years until it reaches an “unsustainable” amount.
trump nato
March 15, 2024
The mainstream media and political establishment are outraged over Donald Trump’s latest comments about NATO.
gender study pakistan
February 23, 2024
USAID plans to give $1.5 million in grants to U.S. universities to study the relationship between “gender and climate change” in Pakistan.
biden poll latinos
February 14, 2024
A new University of Houston poll shows President Biden was losing to Trump with Latino voters by a 47-41 margin.
donald trump establishment
February 13, 2024
A few weeks ago, a “Morning Joe” panel concluded that if Donald Trump were to be Republican nominee, Republicans will lose in the fall.
ban tiktok
February 1, 2024
Mike Gallagher (R-WI), accurately labels TikTok as “digital fentanyl” and has been aggressively campaigning to ban the social media app.
pentagon trillions 9/11
January 25, 2024
On Sept. 10, 2001, then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld promised to end what he called “a matter of life and death” — an unaccounted for $2.3 trillion.