President Biden Signs Over A Dozen Executive Orders To Overturn Donald Trump Agenda

President Biden Signs Many Executive Orders To Overturn Donald Trump Agenda

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden signed many executive orders that would immediately overturn some of the top priorities of former President Donald Trump.

As he sat next to a stack of folders, Biden signed three executive orders before the media. The folders contained orders the president intended to sign later.  

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Biden: ‘There’s No Time To Waste’

Biden said he needed to “get to work immediately.”

“I thought with the state of the nation today, there’s no time to waste,” Biden said, as at least 15 folders sat on stacked his desk.

Among the executive orders Biden signed Wednesday: a mask mandate on federal property, an order reversing Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, an overturn of the former president’s travel ban, and a revocation of the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

As reporters asked a storm of questions, the president’s handlers swiftly escorted the media out of the room once Biden finished his remarks.

Purpose Is To Overturn Trump Agenda

Biden also signed orders that ended Trump’s border emergency declaration, ended funding for construction of the southern border wall within seven days, and to “preserve and fortify” the DACA amnesty for illegal aliens who were brought into the United States as children.

One order struck down Trump’s ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. Another rescinded Trump’s former executive order excluding non-citizens from the 2020 census.

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Biden Had Vowed To Sign A Number Of Executive Orders On ‘Day One’

President Biden has promised that more executive orders are coming, many of them also with the intention of reversing the policies of former President Trump.

Biden had promised during his campaign to take action on many of these issues on ‘day one.’ The former vice president said he would undo the work of his predecessor and aggressively pursue the Democrats’ agenda.

And he did.

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