Joy Behar Calls For Trump To Be ‘Convicted’ – Sunny Hostin Says Trump Voters ‘Have Been Brainwashed’

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Joy Behar and her fellow cohosts of “The View” have spent the past four years bashing Donald Trump and his supporters, and Tuesday was no different despite the fact that it was the day before their beloved Joe Biden was sworn into office.

Hostin Discusses Trump Family

The radically liberal cohost Sunny Hostin attacked the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, claiming that they have been brainwashed by this “misinformation campaign over the past four years.”

“I also wonder if he’ll try to issue a pre-emptive pardon to Jared Kushner,” she began. “I don’t think we know the half of what this family has been up to. I wonder if he’ll try to pardon himself. That’s never been done in the history of this country. I don’t think it’s legal. I would be surprised if he did it, but he has been such an unconventional president that it’s possible that he may try to preemptively pardon himself.”

That’s when Behar chimed in to say that Trump must be “convicted.”

“I just wanted to say, Sunny, if he pardons himself, Sunny, that admits that he’s guilty and then when the impeachment in the Senate comes up, what are they supposed to do with that?” she said. “They have to convict him. He himself is saying I’m guilty.”

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Hostin Says Trump Supporters ‘Have Been Brainwashed

“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Hostin agreed. “But his defense, I think, is going to be, ‘This is a witch hunt. This is a witch hunt against me, so of course, I have to try to pardon myself because everyone’s out against me.’ And guess what? Seventy-four million will believe that because they have been brainwashed, Joy. I really believe that they’ve been brainwashed by this misinformation campaign over the past four years.”

This is far from the first time these women have shamed Trump and the millions of people who voted for him. Just after the November election, Behar went on the attack against Trump voters, saying that they need to “look in the mirror” and see what they did.

“A lot of people in this country need to have a come-to-Jesus moment and look in the mirror and see what they did,” Behar said. “Again, we don’t call people names but look in the mirror and say, ‘Did I vote because of my pocketbook and did I ignore the fact that children are being separated from their parents?”

“Did I vote because I don’t want Black people moving into the suburbs and ignore the fact that Black people are always behind the eight ball in this country and can’t get a leg up because of my vote?’” she added. “People need to look in the mirror.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on January 20, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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