Kamala Harris Declares ‘We Should Have An Assault Weapons Ban’

kamala harris assault weapons

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Sunday that lawmakers need to pass an “assault weapons ban.”

Harris made her comments during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

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Harris Pushes More Gun Control

CNN’s Dana Bash sat down with Harris for an interview that covered the Derek Chauvin trial, the border, and more.

As regards gun control, Bash said to Harris, “More broadly, there have been at least 50 mass shootings in America in a little over a month.”

“Your administration has made clear that infrastructure is the next big legislative priority. Why not guns?” Bash added. “Anthony Fauci told me over the weekend that gun violence is a public health emergency.”

Harris replied, “Well, I would disagree. We actually, as an administration, have taken action.”

“The president issued executive orders, for example, on ghost guns, and there is only so much, however, that a president can do through executive action,” the vice president continued.

Harris then lauded her boss for being pro-active on this front.

“This president, Joe Biden, has a long-standing history of speaking very clearly and unambiguously about the need for smart gun safety laws, back from the time that he was in the Senate through today,” Harris said.

She added, “But I guess that emphasizes the point that both he when he was in the Senate when I was in the Senate, same thing, we were pushing for legislation. Congress has to act.”

Harris: ‘We Should Have An Assault Weapons Ban’

Harris continued, “Because we have to codify, that’s a fancy word for make permanent, make the law, that we agree we should have background checks. That’s just reasonable gun safety laws.”

Then the vice president pushed for an “assault weapons ban.”

“We should have an assault weapons ban,” Harris insisted. “Assault weapons have been designed to kill a lot of people quickly.”

“They are weapons of war, and Congress has to act, Dana,” Harris said.

Harris: ‘It Has To Happen’

Harris then brought up the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting tragedy, in which 26 people were killed.

“I mean, you know, I was recently in Connecticut,” Harris said. “Senators Murphy and Blumenthal and the governor there, so many people, the families of Sandy Hook.”

Harris added, “You know, I honestly thought that when those babies, 20 six and seven-year-old children, were slaughtered, I thought Congress would act. I thought that would be the thing, and it didn’t happen.”

Bash followed up, asking “But do you think it can happen?”

“It has to happen,” Harris replied.

Bash said, “My question was about your priority as an administration.”

Harris said, “It is part of our priority. We have to multitask. Not one to the exclusion of the other.”

This is not the first time a possible assault weapons ban has come up.

During the 2020 presidential campaign then Democratic vice presidential nominee said at a rally, “I am announcing it for the first time today here with you, to take executive action to ban the import of assault weapons into our country.”

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On April 7, the Biden administration announced it was taking executive action on a number of issues including increasing some gun control measures.

President Joe Biden openly campaigned on banning “assault” weapons and “high capacity” magazines. 

Biden has repeated that call in several speeches, most recently at the Rose Garden in April.


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