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After THIS Bombshell About Marco Rubio, Democrats WILL CRUSH HIM!


Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is expected to do well in New Hampshire tonight, as the political establishment is supporting him after the failure of Jeb Bush.

But what do we really know about Rubio? Surprisingly little.

Now, a bombshell new report shows that Rubio has serious problems dealing with stress and anxiety. Apparently, his poor robot-like debate performance shows something his own team is worried about: Rubio can’t handle pressure:

To those who have known him longest, Rubio’s flustered performance Saturday night fit perfectly with an all-too-familiar strain of his personality, one that his handlers and image-makers have labored for years to keep out of public view. Though generally seen as cool-headed and quick on his feet, Rubio is known to friends, allies, and advisers for a kind of incurable anxiousness — and an occasional propensity to panic in moments of crisis, both real and imagined.

[…]More than age, record, or wardrobe, it is Rubio’s natural nervousness that makes him seem to so many who know him like he is swimming in his dad’s sport coat…From the moment the 2010 primary turned negative, the candidate needed a fainting couch every time an attack was lobbed his way, his aides recalled to me.…When a state senator who was backing the governor referred to Rubio as a “slick package from Miami,” he was aghast and ordered his aides to cry foul. Dog whistle! Anti-Cuban! Racist! When opponents accused Rubio of steering state funds toward Florida International University in exchange for a faculty job after he left office, he was indignant. Outrageous! Slander!


“He just lets these little things get to him, and he worries too much,” a Miami Republican complained after spending close to an hour sitting next to Rubio on a flight as he fretted over a mildly critical process story about him in the National Journal. “I’m just like, ‘Marco, calm down.'”

via Buzzfeed

Do we really want this type of immature person running against the deadly serious Clinton political machine? Hillary Clinton has shown herself able to stay calm while the FBI has a looming criminal investigation.

In fact, Hillary has been breaking the law and destroying anyone who gets in her way for more than 40 years.

And what about fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) and demanding Mexico pay for a border fence? If true, this hardly sounds like the type of leader America needs right now.

What do you think about this latest revelation about Marco Rubio? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us!