A Pardon From Obama Might Be The Only Way to Save Hillary


Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been stumbling along since it began. Once seen as the “inevitable” Democratic nominee, Clinton’s failure to connect with primary voters might be inviting another well-known Democrat into the race. The former First Lady is also in hot water because of her email scandal. Now faced with an FBI Investigation, some are wondering if she could be facing prison time in addition to losing in a second primary.

Matthew Continetti at the Washington Free Beacon wrote an article about how Obama needs to pardon Hillary to save her campaign. Clinton needs an escape from her own poor decisions. And a pardon from Obama would be her lifeline.

“But the FBI inquiry will cease as soon as the pardon is issued. There’d be no reason to proceed—Clinton would be forgiven for whatever she did or might have done. Not to pardon her would risk another “long national nightmare” of I.G. reports, committee hearings, depositions, subpoenas, betrayals, media leaks, tell-all books, grand juries, and indictments. Bad press would dog her campaign. Republicans would benefit.

Not only would a pardon have legal consequences. It would have political ones. It would be a tacit endorsement of Clinton, a message to Biden not to run. Scrutiny of Clinton would fade. A few news outlets might continue to dig around—we at the Washington Free Beacon will never, ever stop—but most reporters, who’d rather not be writing about this scandal anyway, would turn elsewhere.

Obama would look magnanimous. The country would be spared years of Clinton drama it doesn’t want. A pardon would be a final display of Obama’s moral superiority to the woman he defeated long ago—exactly the sort of self-righteous gesture that most appeals to him.”

If Obama doesn’t pardon Hillary, the former First Lady might have to win the presidency. Then she can pardon herself and escape jail time.

Do you think President Obama would pardon Hillary Clinton to save her dreams of remaining free and occupying the White House? Please comment below.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon

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