SHOCK! Hillary Clinton Emails Reveal U.S. Drone Operation and That’s Not the End of the Story!

The reason why Hillary Clinton feels she is above the law is because the media and administration won’t hold her accountable on the laws she has broken.

I see a lot of noise from the leftist Democrats arguing about what was classified at the time and what wasn’t and her right to destroy so-called “personal” emails. And, first of all I say to these people — you have crossed the line from lemmings to accomplices in the Clinton crime family.

Officials who reviewed the correspondence gave an exclusive to the Associated Press (AP):

“The two emails on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private server that an auditor deemed “top secret” include a discussion of a news article detailing a U.S. drone operation and a separate conversation that could point back to highly classified material in an improper manner or merely reflect information collected independently”

The officials who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity said they didn’t want to expand on the contents of Hillary’s emails because of ongoing inquiries about classification level.

What has been missing from this conversation is the fact that ALL the email from at the time she was Secretary of State is essentially classified. Why?? Ever hear of social engineering? Think of the treasure trove of info on the thought processes (a stretch for her), the interactions and behind-the-scene, low-level communications with staff, the opinions shared by her and staff on foreign dignitaries, and even her so-called personal emails all provide a mapping of the Secretary of State Office and Obama admin dealings for years to come.


Clinton allegedly did not transmit sensitive information herself, they said, and nothing in the emails she received makes clear reference to communications intercepts, confidential intelligence methods, or any other form of sensitive sourcing.

I challenge anyone who has a security clearance to do the same as a true litmus test and see the full weight of the federal government come down on them, and any corporation one would work for would immediately fire you.

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