Judge Napolitano: Hillary’s Email Scandal Is Her ‘Worst Political Nightmare’


Despite attempts from Hillary Clinton’s campaign to downplay all of the bad news regarding a criminal investigation into her State Department emails, Judge Andrew Napolitano has deemed it a “grave legal problem” and her “worst political nightmare.”

Clinton was forced to turn over her private email server to the FBI while her top aides have also been drawn into the federal inquiry.

In short, it’s been a bad few days for the former First Lady.

Camp Clinton however, has tried to downplay any stories of criminality with her servers and emails despite knowing they contained “Top Secret” information.

“You might hear some news over the next few days about Hillary Clinton’s emails,” read a recent email to supporters. “There’s a lot of misinformation, so bear with us; the truth matters on this.”

But Judge Napolitano explains point-by-point why Hillary’s situation is “grave” from a legal standpoint.

via The Blaze:

While the term is well known, it’s unlikely that most of us are aware of the national security implications of “top secret” — but Napolitano broke it down on “Fox and Friends”:

  • “Top secret” means if the information is revealed, it could cause “grave harm” to national security.
  • “Secret” means revealed information could cause “serious harm” to national security.
  • “Confidential” means revealed data could cause “some harm” to national security.

“General Petraeus was indicted, prosecuted and convicted for having confidential — the lowest level — materials in a desk drawer in his house,” Napolitano said before juxtaposing that Clinton reportedly had “top-secret materials” on her home computer server.

Watch Napolitano’s analysis below …

A new Monmouth University poll indicates that 52% of registered voters in America believe Hillary’s emails should be investigated in a criminal probe.

Is Hillary Clinton in “grave” danger legally, or will she skate as the Clinton’s somehow always do?

FB – General Petraeus was indicted for less.

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