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huma abedin crying

According to leaked excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s new election biography “What Happened,” former top aide Huma Abedin broke down in tears after learning that her husband Anthony Weiner’s┬ásexting scandal had […]

daca facts

What’s the big deal with DACA? You’ve probably seen the acronym in the news a lot lately. It stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” and is an Obama-era executive […]

chicago daca

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel – former Obama White House crony – is writing a check his city can’t cash… literally. After President Trump announced he would end DACA amnesty, the […]

antifa terrorist group

Last month, a petition requesting that Congress classify ‘Antifa’ a terrorist organization hit Whitehouse.gov – a website where if a petition receives over 100,000 signatures, a response from the White […]

harvey global warming

In a world where literally everything wrong in the world is caused by “global warming” (at least according to one alarmist out there), you betcha Hurricane Harvey makes the cut. […]

art acevedo houston looting

The last thing survivors of Hurricane Harvey should have to deal with are looters, which is exactly why Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has expressed a zero tolerance policy toward […]

weatherman saves american flag

I think meteorologists have the toughest job in the news business. Their job is to predict the future and when they get it right nobody notices, but when they get […]

caitlyn jenner ashlee preston

Caitlyn Jenner was verbally attacked Saturday by a trans woman for Jenner’s support of President Donald Trump. Jenner had attended a performance of the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles when […]

charlottesville covers confederate monuments

Less than two weeks after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned deadly, the city has covered the Confederate monuments at the center of the controversy with black tarp: The […]

friend natalee holloway speaks out

With renewed interest in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, one of Holloway’s classmates is speaking out for the first time about what happened the night she went missing. In a […]

carol swain jeanine pirro white nationalism

The liberal claim that President Donald Trump is to blame for the rise of white nationalism has reached a virulent climax following the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Va., over the […]

Malcolm Orr shooting

If anybody needs a reminder of the violent threats police officers face every moment of every day they need to see this incredible video. On New Year’s Day 2016, South […]