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jack ingram hospitalized

NASCAR Hall of Famer Jack Ingram, 80, has been hospitalized with severe injuries following a car accident Sunday. He remains in the intensive care unit close to his home in […]

megyn kelly matt lauer

NBC host Megyn Kelly is being anything but quiet about Matt Lauer’s demise. Just hours after she addressed Lauer’s firing from the network on her own show, she revealed at Business […]

megyn kelly replace matt lauer

Shock waves were sent through the journalism world Wednesday morning when news broke that longtime “Today” show host Matt Lauer was fired from NBC following accusations of sexual misconduct. As […]

sarah silverman media

Obnoxious comedian Sarah Silverman has a new streaming show on Hulu (is anyone actually watching?) called “I Love You, America” that was billed as a show where the lefty would […]

Hillary Clinton DOJ uranium one

Weeks after President Donald Trump questioned why the Department of Justice isn’t looking into the Uranium One scandal, the department announced Monday that they are looking into whether to appoint […]

trey gowdy jeff sessions doj

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on his meetings with Russian officials and the Uranium One deal on Tuesday when Rep. Trey Gowdy hijacked the […]

comey hillary clinton draft

A bombshell report from The Hill has revealed that an early draft of former FBI Director James Comey’s final statement on the Hillary Clinton email case accused Clinton of being […]

chris christie wife ticketed

A statewide crackdown on distracted driving ordered by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is working so well that even Christie’s wife, Mary Pat Christie, was ticketed earlier this year. NJ […]

the view censors jesus

If you thought “The View” couldn’t possibly get any more P.C., boy, do we have news for you. On a recent episode, the hosts discussed whether some of the 10 […]

boy mandolin trump

Back in January, 9-year-old Eli’sha Davies of Crossville, Tenn., sent President Donald Trump $3. But not only did Eli’sha get back his $3, he was also gifted a mandolin by […]

trump anniversary scream

What are liberals planning for November 8? (Hint: It’s pretty much what they did last Election Day, Inauguration Day, and every day since.) To “scream helplessly at the sky on […]

who frederica wilson

Democrat Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson has entered the forefront of the public eye thanks to her recent politicizing of a Gold Star family’s grief. On Thursday, she literally bragged that […]