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maxine waters ben carson

The difference between two prominent African-American political leaders in the Republican and Democrat parties couldn’t be more stunning. Just listening to Republican Ben Carson and Democrat Maxine Waters for a […]

james woods dolly parton

Country legend Dolly Parton has been on the receiving end of harsh criticism from fans, after she appeared alongside Hollywood moonbats Lily Tomlin and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda during an anti-Trump […]

jackson riley terrorist

Political-correctness has turned the world mad. A five-year-old boy was suspended from school for cracking a joke about having a bomb in his backpack. You read that right: A five-year-old […]

sean hannity oreilly

It’s still anyone’s guess what former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s future will be. It was rumored a few months ago that O’Reilly was in the market for a new […]

woman yells veteran PTSD service dog

A woman has gained internet infamy after she was filmed going absolutely ballistic on a veteran for bringing his PTSD service dog into a restaurant. It’s unclear at which restaurant […]

The long-awaited CBS “60 Minutes” interview with former White House chief strategist┬áSteve Bannon aired Sunday night – and Bannon didn’t look too hot. Just look at this still from the […]

ray lewis colin kaepernick nessa diab racist tweet

While many think exiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick made his own bed, liberals continue to blame his ongoing unemployment on systematic racism within the NFL. However, Baltimore Ravens legend Ray Lewis […]

huma abedin crying

According to leaked excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s new election biography “What Happened,” former top aide Huma Abedin broke down in tears after learning that her husband Anthony Weiner’s┬ásexting scandal had […]

daca facts

What’s the big deal with DACA? You’ve probably seen the acronym in the news a lot lately. It stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” and is an Obama-era executive […]

chicago daca

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel – former Obama White House crony – is writing a check his city can’t cash… literally. After President Trump announced he would end DACA amnesty, the […]

antifa terrorist group

Last month, a petition requesting that Congress classify ‘Antifa’ a terrorist organization hit Whitehouse.gov – a website where if a petition receives over 100,000 signatures, a response from the White […]

harvey global warming

In a world where literally everything wrong in the world is caused by “global warming” (at least according to one alarmist out there), you betcha Hurricane Harvey makes the cut. […]