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Emily Leehan vows

A new stepmom made the 4-year-old son of her Marine husband break down in tears over the weekend. No, this is not one of those “evil stepmother” stories – quite […]

jim carrey jesus christ

Actor Jim Carrey is known for his laugh-out-loud slapstick comedy, but what you may not know about him is that he has a great deal of faith in Jesus Christ. […]

Congressman José Serrano (D-NY) is countering President Trump’s wall, instead suggesting the United States build another Statue of Liberty at the southern border to welcome illegal immigrants. “Build another Statue of […]

tomi lahren sean hannity

Controversial political commentator Tomi Lahren has irked a lot of folks on both sides of the aisle, but Fox News host Sean Hannity has offered her a spot on his […]

Scarborough Robinson Democrats message

Most of us have been yelling at the top of our lungs how the media is biased toward conservative views and how journalists bash Republicans every time they get a […]

poppy harlow

Proving once again that CNN only employs the best and the brightest, anchor Poppy Harlow apparently didn’t recognize the “Star Spangled Banner” on Thursday, instead mistaking it for the French […]

video American flag burned

This is just despicable. A man was caught on a home security camera in the early hours of Wednesday morning setting fire to an American flag as it hung from […]

woman sniper

Incredible footage of a female Kurdish fighter engaged in hunting ISIS terrorists has emerged, showing her laughing off an enemy’s bullet that just barely passed by her head. One journalist […]

left wing terrorism

Shaping the narrative is important for liberals, because reality certainly doesn’t tell the story they want us to learn. For example, we’re supposed to believe that the rise of Donald […]

Good news, taxpayers! We won’t have to pay for as many bombs and bullets in the future! The United States is definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to […]

cop sings to blind woman

Logan Police Officer Kristian Johnson did one of those things the media never mentions about cops: he helped a blind woman by fixing her microwave oven. That’s a good enough […]

illegal immigrant play

One of the many reasons I’ll never support the government funding the arts is because it doesn’t guarantee that we’ll get more art to enjoy. Instead, it guarantees that we’ll […]