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Neil Cavuto

It’s no secret that the so-called “mainstream media” in America is liberal. Apart from Fox News and various alternative sources of news, America’s corporate media is dominated by liberals who […]

voter fraud

The Nebraska Democratic Party dropped voter registration forms into gift baskets being provided to new refugees, and now one lawmaker is demanding “corrective action” be taken. A Facebook video posted […]

police shooting

Late Monday night, two Miami-Dade County police officers were ambushed by gunmen during an undercover operation while sitting in an unmarked police cruiser. 2 Miami-Dade police expected to survive ambush https://t.co/cHa6iFNggY […]

Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines, the powerhouse couple that stars on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, have been making waves across the country with their strong family values and unique sense of style. […]

travel ban

A group of 13 states – 12 attorneys general and 1 Governor – have filed a brief with a federal appeals court adamantly defending President Trump’s temporary travel ban from […]

johnny rotten trump

Recently, people have expressed the idea that conservatism is the new punk rock, the new counterculture. In a world where left-wing PC madness demands conformity, it’s conservatives who are the […]

trey gowdy

On CBS’ Face the Nation, John Dickerson tried to catch conservative hero Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) off-guard about President Donald Trump’s allegations that Barack Obama wiretapped his campaign in 2016. But […]

canada hate speech laws

Leave it to Canada to prove to us just how lucky we are to have a First Amendment in the United States. The country is currently headed by Prime Minister […]

sanctuary cities funding

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just drew a line in the sand against ‘sanctuary cities’ – comply with federal immigration law or lose billions in federal funding. Sessions spoke out against […]

neal mccoy

Country star Neal McCoy’s father Hubert died over the weekend. The crooner shared the sad news in a Facebook video, noting that the family is sad but they know he’s in […]

malia obama reporter

She doesn’t start at Harvard until the fall, and Malia Obama is making the most of her year off – traveling the world and partying. She is President Barack Obama […]

Paul Ryan resign

On Friday, House Republicans pulled a scheduled vote on the American Health Care Act, after leaders failed to round up enough Republican votes for passage. The bill, which was heavily […]