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robert mueller tony podesta

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his Russia investigation to include Tony Podesta, a powerful Democratic lobbyist and the brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Per a report […]

donald trump 401k

Following reports that the Republican tax plan could dramatically reduce the amount of pretax money Americans are allowed to contribute to their 401(k) plans, President Donald Trump tweeted Monday morning […]

who frederica wilson

Democrat Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson has entered the forefront of the public eye thanks to her recent politicizing of a Gold Star family’s grief. On Thursday, she literally bragged that […]

gold star widow trump

Amid the political firestorm created by Democrat Rep. Frederica Wilson over what should have been a private phone call, another Gold Star widow has shared video of her condolence call […]

john kelly frederica wilson trump

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has already defended Donald Trump’s phone call to the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, and he did it again during a […]

roseanne barr rob reiner russia

Hollywood liberal Rob Reiner is not a fan of President Donald Trump. One look at his Twitter account, and you’d think he was just another intolerant liberal politician rather than […]

mike pence brother congress

According to an IRS filing obtained by the Associated Press, Greg Pence, one of the older brothers of Vice President Mike Pence, is planning a congressional run for Indiana’s 6th […]

obama russian bribery cover up

According to a bombshell report from The Hill, the Obama administration was well aware that the Russians used bribery, kickbacks, and extortion to get a stake in the U.S. atomic […]

joshua boyle donald trump

This might sound like satire, but we assure you it’s real: A Canadian man rescued from the Taliban-linked Haqqani network has revealed that he thought his captors were joking when they […]

north korea nuclear missile east coast

As tensions between the United States, its allies, and North Korea continue to escalate, the hermit country made it clear that they will not engage in diplomatic talks until they’ve […]

Hillary Clinton is across the pond promoting her book, “What Happened,” but she backed out from several media appearances last minute after reportedly “falling over and hurting her foot.” According […]

tom cotton cia director

According to reports, President Donald Trump is considering replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. This means, of course, that Trump would need to find a […]