Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser’s story is falling apart at the seams, and now two women who previously dated the Supreme Court nominee have stepped forward to vouch for his character.

Maura Fitzgerald and Maura Kane dated Kavanaugh in college and high school respectively, and they both issued statements to the Washington Post on Monday saying that he “conducted himself honorably at all times” and “was always respectful, kind, and thoughtful”:

“Brett Kavanaugh and I have been good friends since high school,” said Maura Fitzgerald, who dated Kavanaugh in college. “I dated him in college and he was and is nothing like the person who has been described. He always conducted himself honorably with me at all times when we were together. He was always a perfect gentleman, and I vouch for him completely.”

“I’ve been friends with Brett Kavanaugh for over 35 years, and dated him during high school,” said Maura Kane, another woman Kavanaugh dated. “In every situation where we were together he was always respectful, kind and thoughtful. The accusations leveled against him in no way represent the decent young man I knew. We remain good friends and I admire him as a husband, father and professional.”

Note how WaPo’s Robert Costa threw quotes around the phrase “two women who dated.” The liberal media just can’t help themselves.

Fitzgerald and Kane are just two of 65 women who signed a letter supporting Kavanaugh in the wake of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations against him. They further defended his character in an interview with Fox News’s Martha MacCallum Monday night, and both women stated that Ford’s allegations are the “polar opposite” of the Kavanaugh they know.

Indeed, there’s much to be questioned about Ford’s accusations against Kavanaugh. Not only has her story changed multiple times, but the man whom she told the Washington Post witnessed the alleged assault denies that it ever happened. Furthermore, it cannot be ignored that Ford is a bleeding heart liberal: she’s donated to 60-plus liberal groups, as well as more than 10 times to Hillary Clinton, and she wore a “pussy hat” in San Francisco’s March for Science in April 2017.

But if Ford’s leftist antics aren’t enough to convince you that her accusations are nothing more than a political hit job against Kavanaugh, there’s this: her attorney, Debra Katz, is vice chair of the George Soros-funded Project on Government Oversight. Unsurprisingly, Katz is also a huge Democrat donor.

Again: this a political hit job, and it’s despicable, even for liberals. Accusations of assault should not be a tool in the political arsenal, but it just goes to show that liberals will stoop to any low to further their agenda. Soon enough, any cry of assault will be enough to completely ruin a person’s reputation or career, completely regardless of whether the accusations are true.