The first episode of the “Murphy Brown” reboot aired on CBS Thursday night, and it featured a painfully forced cameo from everyone’s favorite desperate ex-politician, Hillary Clinton.

In the cameo, Clinton played a woman named “Hilary” – spelled with one “L” – who was applying for a secretarial position with the fictional cable news show, “Murphy in the Morning” – and the scene was filled with heavy-handed references to Clinton’s political career.

At one point, Brown – played by the returning Candice Bergen – asked if “Hilary” had any secretarial experience. “For four years I was the secretary … of a very large organization,” Clinton replied. “I do have some experience with emails.”

At the end of the interview, Brown nauseatingly tells “Hilary” that she was “maybe a little overqualified” for the position and that she needs to think on it. “Hilary” then hands her a business card with the email address, “Hillary at you could have had me”

In case you’re wondering, this cameo appearance was in no way organic to the show’s storyline. It was shoe-horned in an effort to pander to all the bitter liberals who, nearly two years later, can still not accept the fact that Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

That being said, the original “Murphy Brown,” which ran for 10 seasons from 1988 to 1998, was known for featuring cameos from everyone from Aretha Franklin to former Vice President Dan Quayle. In the show’s 1992 season premiere, producers used actual footage from a campaign speech in which Quayle mentioned the TV show “Murphy Brown,” and made it appear as if, within the fictional world of the show, Quayle was referring to Brown personally.

But again – the Quayle speech was a central topic of the episode and touched on pertinent cultural issues. Clinton, on the other hand, wildly appeared for no real reason other than to pat herself on the back.

However, considering that the “Murphy Brown” reboot reportedly only exists because Trump became president, such meaningless liberal drivel will likely be a recurring theme on the new series.

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