Democrats in Washington don’t actually care about Christine Blasey Ford or whether her vague and nigh impossible-to-verify accusation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is true. All they care about is the potential for Ford’s story to completely derail Kavanaugh’s nomination, and ruin his entire life and career in the process.

It’s despicable – and highly hypocritical. For all their crying about #MeToo, Ford’s accusation is nothing more than a means to an end for leftist critics of Kavanaugh and the Trump administration; and, unfortunately for Kavanaugh, Ford’s story is both just scandalous enough and too nebulous to either confirm or deny.

National Review’s Jim Geraghty explains: “Ford said she does not recall the date “around the end of her sophomore year” or the exact location, or “who owned the house or how she got there.” It’s natural that some memories would be hazy after 36 years and alcohol consumption at the time of the incident; in Ford’s account, she had a beer. But this means that if anyone can contradict any detail of her account, she has the built-in excuse of a hazy memory. Perhaps Kavanaugh could prove he was away from the D.C. area during some periods of late spring or the summer of 1982, but because the allegation can’t even be narrowed to a particular month, that would be pointless.”

Again, it is nearly impossible for Kavanaugh to defend himself with facts against Ford’s claim. All he has are the words of the dozens of people who have come forward to vouch for his character, as well as the testimony of the only other witness to the alleged assault, Kavanaugh’s friend and classmate Mark Judge, who has denied Ford’s allegations.

However, even if Kavanaugh could prove with evidence that Ford’s claim is untrue, it likely wouldn’t matter to Democrats. In their minds, he’s already guilty. Meanwhile, they continue to ignore the decades of atrocities against women committed by their own party members.

According to a September poll, just 5 percent of Minnesota Democrats believe that DNC Deputy Chair Rep. Keith Ellison physically and psychologically abused his former girlfriend, Karen Monahan. This despite the fact that Monahan’s own son found abusive text messages from Ellison on his mother’s phone.

Ted Kennedy, one of the left’s most lauded icons, left Mary Jo Kopechne to die after he drove his car off a bridge in July 1969. Cold, hard evidence indicates that Kennedy could have saved Kopechne, but he cared more about saving himself and his image – her life was just collateral damage.

Finally, we cannot talk about sexual assault in politics without mentioning Bill Clinton. Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives following the explosive revelation of his illicit affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, but Lewinsky is far from the only woman who claims to have been taken advantage of, assaulted, and even raped by Clinton. Yet Clinton is still upheld as one of the greatest presidents in modern history.

If Kavanaugh were a powerful Democrat, Ford’s claim against him would be all but ignored. But he is both a conservative Trump nominee, a double whammy that condemned him prior to Ford’s ill-defined accusation. And now that they have an avenue to take him down, Democrats will try their hardest to make it happen.

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