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Is This An “Act Of Violence”? This Transgender Actor Thinks So

transgender bathroom

What does “violence” mean to you?

A punch in the face? Being robbed and beaten? A vicious sexual assault?

Well, according to actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox, “violence” is something much simpler and doesn’t even involved laying a hand on someone.

Via The Daily Caller:

The transgender actor and reality TV star Laverne Cox said misgendering a trans person is an act of violence during a Friday afternoon event held at the University of Maryland.

Mr. Cox, who plays a hormone medication dependent transvestite on the hit web series “Orange Is The New Black,” lectured about 100 attendees that misgendering is an act of violence and shared an experience when he feared for his life.

“I have come to realize that calling a transgender woman or man, misgendering a transgendered person, is an act of violence,” Cox, a biological male who claims to be a woman, said as the crowd gave him a standing ovation of claps and cheers.

“So often when I experience these moments on the street, I would immediately feel unsafe as if my life was in danger,” Cox explained, “and all of these anti-trans bills that are being quote ‘all over the country’ are basically misgendering trans people and they are acts of violence.”

So yes, something that could simply be an honest mistake with no malice attached to it is considered “violence” by the radical transgender left. They won’t be satisfied until they fundamentally change America and eliminate anyone not 100% on board with their “lifestyle.”

Not only is this wrong, but belief in a misunderstanding being “violence” completely takes away meaning from the word.

The Left is obsessed with thought and speech policing, and it is destroying this country!

Is the transgender movement going too far? Share your thoughts!