President Trump Fulfills Hurricane Harvey Pledge, Releases List of Charities Receiving Money

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As Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, President Donald Trump pledged $1 million of his own money to help the victims.

The move was largely applauded by Americans. But, of course, there were plenty of pundits sick with Trump Derangement Syndrome who criticized the move. In one camp were those whining that $1 million isn’t a lot of money for a billionaire, which is highly ironic given how that same crowd mocked Trump when he referenced a “small loan of a million dollars” from his father.

In another camp were those claiming that Trump was simply announcing his pledge for good P.R., but wouldn’t actually donate. I suppose these critics don’t realize that Trump, if he’s as cynical as they say he is, has an extra incentive to donate, just to ward off criticism.

Here are a few of the haters questioning whether or not Trump would follow through on his pledge:

What a world we live in where Trump actually following through with his $1 million donation for hurricane victims is bad news for these pretentious “journalists. And yet it happened. As the Washington Examiner reported Sunday, “President Trump made good on his promise to donate $1 million to Harvey relief efforts, according to a report Saturday. The president sent 12 checks to various organizations helping Texas and Louisiana recover after last month’s disastrous storm, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed to The Hill.

Trump also confirmed the report on Twitter.

Here’s where the money is going:

BOOM. Another promise kept.

And of course, there are some liberals who disagreed with the move because the president supported so many religious-based charities. Only in the liberal mind is donating money not helpful when it goes to your ideological enemies.

Disgusting, and disgraceful.

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