Treasury Secretary Yellen Says Foreign Countries, Ukraine and Israel, Are the TOP Priorities of the Biden Admin

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This week, the Biden administration ensured all the talking points were matched up to show a unified front of support for Israel, and who can blame them? Besides the obvious moral imperative to condemn the brutal attacks by Hamas on hundreds of Israeli civilian men, women, and children, it’s also, in general, never a bad political move to focus on something that has primarily universal agreement.

In particular, one Biden lackey made a bold statement yesterday, saying that support for Ukraine and Israel are the top priorities of our government. They are not just essential or critical; they are the top priorities.

Saying the quiet part out loud, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen blatantly announced that two countries across a vast ocean are more important to this administration than the national security threats we face within our borders. Before you add Hamas sympathizer to my list of sins right after Putin propagandist, let’s dive into what was said and the reality of our situation.

Top Priorities

Making sure not to forget our proxy war puppet Ukraine, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen explained that military and economic support for Ukraine:

“…along with resources for Israel are our absolute top priorities for the Biden administration.”

In a not-so-passively placed political punch, she conveniently puts the onus of funding support for two foreign wars our country is not even a party to on congressional Republicans:

“We’ll leave it to members of Congress to figure out how to move forward on this when a speaker is in place, and I can’t tell you precisely what the timetable is for getting this done.”

Lucky for the Biden administration, the military-industrial complex, Ukraine, and Israel, it looks like the next Speaker of the House will be basically the same as the last Speaker. Democrats and neoconservatives have been quick to try to wrap aid to Israel into larger packages for Ukraine and Taiwan because the illusion of immediate action is always preferred over transparency regarding your tax dollars.

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Will Congress sign another blank check to foreign lands while Americans struggle at home? My money, which seems to be not worth as much as it used to, says yes.

But is more money the answer in Ukraine and Israel? Given that our nonexistent foreign policy doesn’t define what “good” looks like in Ukraine or Israel, all signs point to no.

Destined to fail

Before Hamas cowards rained terror on Israeli civilians, unnamed defense officials had been whispering their concerns about our ability to keep supporting Ukraine, let alone keeping our own military ready – for what appears to be an inevitable conflict with China.

But don’t fear, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says we can keep supporting Ukraine while also supporting Israel in addition to keeping our own country safe:

“We can do both, and we will do both. We’re going to do what’s necessary to help our allies and partners, and we’re going to also do what’s necessary to make sure that we maintain the capability to protect our interests and defend our country.”

It’s the last part of the SECDEF’s statement that I find laughable. He insinuates that we currently can protect and defend our country. 

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Between failing multi-billion dollar weapons systems, continued dismal recruitment statistics, and reports that our overall military posture is “weak,” it’s hard to believe that our Department of Defense can walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone protect and defend America. What retired Generals like Secretary Austin and other war hawks refuse to admit is our military’s performance and utilization are part of why the war in Ukraine and Israel is happening.

The epic failure of our Afghanistan engagement and the subsequent botched withdrawal all sent a clear message to our enemies and enemies of our allies that the time to strike is now. You’d almost think that perhaps one of the top priorities for the Biden administration would be transforming our DOD into a department that provides successes instead of repetitive failures.

A better rack and stack

Don’t misunderstand me; my heart breaks for the Israeli mothers and fathers who watched their children get slaughtered and for the Israeli children who watched their mothers and fathers get executed. As someone who spent the first 20 years of my adult life fighting terrorism, I view Hamas in the same light as ISIS and al-Qaeda. 

But to say that the top priority of our President is support for Ukraine and Israel should make everyone scratch their head. One of the top priorities of our President should be securing our borders, particularly after what Hamas proved they could do to Israel this week and record numbers of terrorists being caught at the border.

The left-wing media has quickly downplayed the threat our open borders pose to national security. Take former Department of Homeland Security official Theresa Brown, who told CBS News:

“Are terrorists flooding across the border? Probably not.”

How comforting. 

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I can think of another priority that should rank higher than support for Ukraine and Israel – the economy, stupid!

Or how about our crumbling infrastructure? The last released infrastructure report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States a C-. That is about two grades too high.

The report highlighted areas of concern, including our bridges, of which one in three need replacing, our railways, the electricity grid, and our water systems. All prime targets of mayhem for all those terrorists that are “probably not” roaming around our country thanks to our open borders.

But the “bad guys” don’t need to be here to bring our country to its knees; they have the young minds of our children that we’ve sacrificed to their ideology.

The beginning of the end

Across the country this week, Ivy League schools have come under fire for large swathes of their student populations coming out in support of the attacks on Israel. My alma mater had one such demonstration of about 50 students at a “Vigil for the Martyrs of Palestine” event. 

These brave, trained activists praised the Hamas terrorists all from behind masks to conceal their identity.

One such speaker said:

“Glory to our Martyrs, each and every one. May they attain the highest level of paradise.”

The irony alone at the fact that the very undoubtedly privileged kids praising these animals behind the safety of their masks would be the same ones slaughtered in the same manner by the likes of Hamas leads me to what should be another top priority of this administration: saving the souls of the next generation.

It wasn’t enough to see young Americans burning down our cities in the name of George Floyd to wake this country up; perhaps it will be a wake-up call to hear so many applauding savagery on our college campuses.

There is a war we should be focused on, and it’s within our borders. It is a war against the ideals that built this nation, that made this nation a beacon of light during some of the darkest times, including World War I and World War II.

Our priorities need to be on bringing us back to that place because the next big war isn’t on our doorsteps; it’s in our streets, it’s in our schools, and it’s in our homes – and we will lose this war if we keep focusing our efforts overseas. 

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