John Fetterman Ripped After Saying Congress Doesn’t Send Their Best And Brightest

Senator John Fetterman suggested America isn't sending their "best and brightest' to represent them in Congress.
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Senator John Fetterman, who had to have Senate colleagues make concessions in order to deal with his “special needs” as well as his inability to dress like a grown adult, suggested America isn’t sending their “best and brightest’ to represent them in Congress.

Fetterman’s comments, oblivious to his own stature as one of the most unqualified slovenly individuals to grace the Senate, came during a random appearance with late-night host Stephen Colbert.

Colbert, who also struggles to process complicated thoughts, commented on the Pennsylvania Democrat’s “excellent meme game.”

Because that’s what one looks for in a member of the Senate – their intern’s ability to post memes on social media.

“Is it awkward to be in the Capitol and then run into people that you have put up a devastating meme about because you’ve got excellent meme game. But then you have to see these people in the cafeteria,” Colbert said.

“You all need to know that America is not sending their best and brightest to Washington, D.C.,” Fetterman responded without a hint of self-awareness.

“Sometimes you literally just can’t believe,” he added. “These people are making the decisions that are determining the government here. It’s actually scary.”

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Fetterman Is The Definition Of Not Sending Your Best And Brightest

It’d be one thing if a distinguished member of the Senate ridiculed America for not sending their “best and brightest” to Congress, but Fetterman is literally the poster child for sending the absolute worst.

The only thing distinguishing about this particular Senator is that his colleagues have had to bend over backwards because he’s not fit to serve in the chamber by any reasonable measure.

The New York Times, in a lengthy report back in February, described Fetterman as having “special needs” that required collegaues to use special transcription programs, tablets, and screens just so they could communicate with him.

The Times report described him as suffering “strains” due to his recovery from a stroke “which left him with a physical impairment and serious mental health challenges.”

Late last month, the Senate had to pass a formal dress code to counter the fact that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wanted to allow Fetterman to dress like a soup kitchen patron while in the chamber.

Fetterman, who returned to the Senate in April after a six-week stay in the hospital, where he was treated for clinical depression, enjoyed wearing baggy shorts and oversized Carhartt hoodie sweatshirts while serving the people.

Definitely not their best and brightest.

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Fetterman Mocked

Critics couldn’t fight the urge to mock Senator Fetterman over his “best and brightest” comments.

Political commentator Liz Churchill wrote, “I really hope the Mensa Society offers him a membership for this comment.”

Unless it’s like an honorary doctorate, we can’t see Mensa doing that.

“‘America is not sending their best and brightest, you know, to Washington, D.C.,’ read John Fetterman off of a screen because he can’t pass a cognitive test,” quipped comedian Tim Young.

“Yes,” added Fox News contributor Joe Concha. “Fetterman – the guy who lived off of his parents into his 40s and has never held a job in the real world in his life – actually said that.”

When he’s not embarassing himself with simply his presence, Fetterman is proving to not be among the “best and brightest” on social media.

He spent the last couple of months accusing Republicans of engaging in everything ranging from a “circle jerk” to “grabbing the hog” or posting “ding-a-ling pics.”

Fetterman is also the man behind such soaring debate oratory that yielded the famous quote: “Hi. Good night everybody.”

Definitely the best and brightest quote we’ve ever heard.

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