John Fetterman, Who Just Mocked Lauren Boebert In Graphic Sexual Terms, Tears Up Over Being Bullied In Congress

Senator John Fetterman fought through tears while discussing being bullied during a committee hearing Thursday.
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Senator John Fetterman (D-PA), who has been on a rampage of late with social media insults against his political adversaries, delivered a teary-eyed performance while discussing being bullied during a committee hearing on Thursday.

That’s right, the man whose oversized physical stature and mannerisms rival that of any WWE villain, and who has accused Republicans of engaging in everything ranging from a “circle jerk” to “grabbing the hog,” is misty-eyed because he might get teased occasionally over his auditory issues.

Boo-freaking-hoo, brother.

“Because I live in a political environment, I was ridiculed and made fun of because I wasn’t able to process things at times,” Fetterman said, choking and tearing up before the committee.

The only thing missing from the video of his pity party is Sarah McLachlan belting out “In the Arms of an Angel” and Sally Struthers imploring you to change his life “for just 19 cents a day” in the background.

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Fetterman Fights Back Tears

While we certainly appreciate Senator Fetterman showing off what he learned in the “Adam Kinzinger School of Crocodile Tears,” we’re not quite sure he’s the man to deliver the whiny plea against bullying.

He concluded his time by asking those in attendance: “How can we become more empathetic, more responsive, and more effective senators?”

It’s a good question. Judging by his behavior in very recent days, we can only conclude that in his little mind, becoming more empathetic means taking childish digs at your colleagues.

A mere two days before this performance, Fetterman attacked Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) over the controversy that surrounded her appearance at a recent musical performance.

While Boebert’s actions during that appearance were unwise – she caused a disturbance, including vaping, singing, taking flash photography, and getting handsy with her date – Fetterman’s response to it was gross and equally unbecoming.

In a post on X, the Pennsylvania Democrat responded to controversy revolving around new Senate dress code enforcement that allows him to dress like a homeless man.

“I figure if I take up vaping and grabbing the hog during a live musical, they’ll make me a hero,” Fetterman wrote on X.

Man, you can just feel the empathy.

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Mr. Empathy Himself

When he isn’t accusing Boebert of “grabbing the hog,” Fetterman has shown off his empathy by using other sexual terms to describe his Republican colleagues.

Just two weeks ago, Fetterman declared any attempts to impeach President Biden would be “bulls***” and one “big circlejerk.”

Prior to that, he ripped Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for what he described as displaying Hunter Biden’s “ding-a-ling” pics.

Go ahead and take another look at that post on X. You have it coming from an official Senate account. The profile image is an official portrait of a sitting Senator, albeit a photoshopped portrait.

And then you have the word “ding-a-ling.”

On Friday, Princess Fiona’s dreamboat Fetterman referred to his Republican colleagues as “jagoffs.”

Perhaps colleagues would be more empathetic if you didn’t run around acting like a mentally deficient toddler 24/7, Mr. Fetterman.

If you’re looking to garner sympathy and avoid criticism, Mr. Fetterman, perhaps retire to private life, where you can get the proper healing and rest you need.

You know, instead of forcing the Senate body to lower their standards for your incompetence and making them dance so as to address what the New York Times described as your “special needs.”

You’re not competent to serve in the Senate. You are not fit for duty. And you’re an embarrassment.

That’s not “ridicule,” it’s a statement of fact.

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