‘The View’s’ Ana Navarro Says She Hangs Her Head Out The Window ‘Like A Dog’ In Florida Shouting ‘We Say Gay’

Ana Navarro admitted she hangs her head out the car window "like a dog" in Florida repeatedly screaming, "We say gay!"
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Things got weird on the ABC talk show “The View” once again on Monday, when longtime co-host Ana Navarro admitted she hangs her head out the car window “like a dog” in Florida repeatedly screaming, “We say gay!”

Navarro, who still claims to be a Republican, was addressing comments made by co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin who said she had seen Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) heckled with a similar chant in New Hampshire.

Navarro said that while she was not the person who started the chant, she makes every effort possible to scream those words.

“I just — I go around like a dog in Florida with my head outside of my car: We say gay! We say gay! We say gay!” she exclaimed.

The crowd, consistently filled with low-information and blissfully ignorant fans, cheered the comments. The average person would have heard the admission and suggested she seek therapy.

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Navarro Randomly Barks: ‘We Say Gay!’

As with most of her political commentary, Navarro’s confession about screaming “We say gay” is based on a completely fabricated lie.

The Parental Rights in Education bill that Governor DeSantis signed last year in Florida restricts teachers and school districts from discussing gender identity and topics surrounding sexuality in the classroom from kindergarten through the third grade.

Topics that, if a stranger approached your child and began discussing, would prompt you to call the police.

There was no ban on the word “gay.” The bill was basically legislating common sense.

But common sense isn’t a trait championed by Navarro, her co-hosts, or anybody who watches “The View.” Instead, they engage in short, monosyllabic rhymes because that’s easier to digest than actually reading the bill.

And then, apparently, they bark it out the window for people to hear like a crazed street preacher. Totally normal behavior on Navarro’s part.

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Dogs Are Smarter Than Navarro

Navarro doesn’t exactly have a fleshed-out career worth of clips exhibiting totally normal behavior or commentary. Hanging out the window like a dog is just the latest example.

Recently she suggested one does not need to be white in order to be a ‘white supremacist.’

“Look, being Hispanic or being Black does not, or being anything does not make you immune from being racist, from being radicalized, from being a white supremacist, from being evil, from being homicidal,” she said.

Last summer, she despicably brought up her disabled brother and other relatives with Down syndrome and autism as examples of why some women might want to have an abortion.

Navarro was arguing against the ruling by the Supreme Court to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade case.

Here she is labeling disgraced porn lawyer Michael Avenatti as the “savior of the Republic” and likening him to the Holy Spirit.

Navarro has argued that people who enjoy the Academy Award-winning classic Gone With the Wind are practically calling for a return to slavery. And when debating immigration gets too tough, she simply stops making points and files her nails.

Come to think of it, with that resume, perhaps hanging her head out the window like a dog is the smartest thing Navarro has done in some time.

The Dogs of America union issued a statement distancing themselves from Navarro’s idiotic comments.

“We say woof!” they said.

Just kidding.

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