The View’s Ana Navarro Mocked for Claiming Blacks, Hispanics Can Be ‘White Supremacists’

Ana Navarro, co-host of The View, argued that one does not need to be white in order to be a 'white supremacist.'
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Ana Navarro, co-host of “The View,” argued that one does not need to be white in order to be a ‘white supremacist.’

Her comments came as the panel discussed a deadly mass shooting in an Allen, Texas mall on Saturday. The suspect in the attack has been identified as 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia.

Authorities and the media have been propagating claims of Garcia’s alleged links to white supremacist ideology. Social media posts on a Russian site appear to link the attacker to pro-Nazi tenets, while photographs have surfaced showing incredibly fresh tattoos of the same nature.

Navarro believes the gunman’s Hispanic background does not preclude him from being a white supremacist.

“Look, being Hispanic or being Black does not, or being anything does not make you immune from being racist, from being radicalized, from being a white supremacist, from being evil, from being homicidal,” she said.

“And we are seeing it over and over again. There are people who, they don’t see themselves as what they are.”

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Ana Navarro Redefines White Supremacist

It’s probably not worth it to analyze these ridiculous comments from Ana Navarro. If you combined the IQs of the ladies of “The View” you’d still likely fall well below the Mendoza Line.

But one would think, thinking about this logically, that since a ‘white supremacist’ would believe whites are superior to others, not being among the “inferior” groups would be a requirement for admission to the club.

But that’s not how the world works anymore, apparently. If men can be women, why can’t white supremacy be the premier ideology of Hispanics?

Social media users quickly ridiculed Navarro’s claim that Hispanics like the Allen mall shooter can be white supremacists.

The Daily Caller mocked her comments as “words of wisdom” and suggested, “The idiocy of that statement speaks for itself.”

“Everyone Ana Navarro doesn’t like is a White Supremacist now… even if they’re Hispanic or black,” tweeted comedian Tim Young.

“They are trying so hard to make the narrative fit,” another observer wrote.

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The Hispanic Face of White Supremacy

Two very underrated things to note about Ana Navarro’s comments? She’s accidentally admitting that people of other races can actually be racist, which is something the left likes to pretend isn’t a thing.

But also, an individual pretending they are something they clearly are not – a ‘Hispanic white supremacist’ – just might be a mental health issue. You know, like a trans person shooting up a Christian school in Nashville perhaps?

Of course, none of this is new coming from the left. They’ve been pushing the ‘everybody is a white supremacist’ mantra for some time because they’re race-baiters who try their best to divide America.

Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) once contended that the heinous killing of Tyre Nichols at the hands of five black Memphis police officers was also an example of white supremacy.

“The mere presence of Black officers does not stop policing from being a tool of white supremacy,” she claimed.

A Salt Lake Tribune political cartoonist in 2021 created a drawing equating Burgess Owens, a black Republican Congressman, to the Ku Klux Klan.

And of course, the Los Angeles Times that same year defined Republican Larry Elder, at the time running for governor of California, as the “black face of white supremacy.”

It’s quite something when you realize that the left simply views everybody they disagree with in this world as a ‘white supremacist.’

They don’t have any other argument in their shallow well of ideas.

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