Watch: DeSantis Dismantles Heckler After She Calls Him a ‘F***ing Fascist’

A crowd erupted in cheers and gave Florida Governor Ron DeSantis an ovation after he responded to a heckler who called him a "f***ing fascist."
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A crowd erupted in cheers and gave Florida Governor Ron DeSantis an ovation after he responded to a heckler who called him a “f***ing fascist.”

The incident took place at an appearance for the Republican presidential candidate last month in Lexington, South Carolina.

DeSantis happened to be discussing the rights of parents when it comes to their children when a woman interrupted with her own thoughts.

“The right to health care, to their kid’s health care, you’re a f***ing fascist,” she shouted.

The woman added, “We say gay!”

Ironically, the three most prominent words in the vocabulary of a liberal are ‘fascist,’ ‘gay,’ and various versions of the F-word. Throw in the terms ‘racist’ and ‘misogynist’ and you practically have the entire Democrat side to the Democrat-English dictionary.

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Ron DeSantis Shuts Down Heckler For Calling Him a Fascist

Governor Ron DeSantis didn’t miss a beat when responding to the heckler who decided to reveal their own ignorance by calling him a “fascist.”

“Well, thank you,” DeSantis quipped. “We’re not going to let you impose an agenda on our kids. We’re going to stand up for our kids. We’re going to make sure to do it right.”

Fox News reported that his response “drew a standing ovation” from the crowd as the heckler was being escorted away from the premises.

But wait, there’s more.

“Those people like that in Florida are the people we beat every single day on policy,” DeSantis fired back. “We do not let them win. We win all these battles. We’re not letting them indoctrinate our kids, not on our watch.”

The heckler had been thoroughly flattened.

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The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Lie

Nothing that was said by the heckler about Ron DeSantis was accurate. It was more projection on her part.

If she wants to see what a fascist looks like, she might want to heckle the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. You know, the one whose political opponents and their supporters are arrested and jailed.

It also took all of three words to realize that this person is an uneducated CNN viewer – “We say gay!”

If you’re still pushing that media lie, then you’re a practicing low-information voter. And it shows you’re susceptible to even the most basic media misinformation.

The Parental Rights in Education bill that Governor DeSantis signed last year in Florida restricts teachers and school districts from discussing gender identity and topics surrounding sexuality in the classroom from kindergarten through the third grade.

Or, as most normal people would describe it, common sense.

It doesn’t prevent anybody from saying ‘gay.’

Also last month, actor Denee Benton tried to one-up the heckler in the above video by showing off some ignorance of her own.

“I’m certain that the current grand wizard — I’m sorry, excuse me, governor of my home state of Florida,” she said to a crowd of lemmings.

Oddly enough, Benton had no commentary regarding the actual President who has referred to the late Senator Robert Byrd, a one-time top officer in the Ku Klux Klan, as his “friend” and “mentor.”

To be fair, the heckler clearly has no idea what an actual fascist is. And Benton clearly doesn’t do research before commenting on political matters.

Ignorance is bliss for the left.

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