Science! Study Finds Conservative Women Are More Attractive Than Liberals And All We Can Say Is – Duh

Conservative women have more attractive faces than their liberal counterparts, according to a Danish study published earlier this year.
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Conservative women have more attractive faces than their liberal counterparts, according to a Danish study published earlier this year.

Danish and Swedish researchers used “deep learning” artificial intelligence to assess identifiable features such as masculinity and attractiveness in a study of over 3,000 Danish politicians.

“Politicians on the right have been found to be more attractive than those on the left,” they observed.

Those traits were well-defined in female politicians. They note that conservative women’s faces appeared “happier” while faces that showed “contempt” were correlated to left-wing ideology.

“These results are credible given that previous research using human raters has also highlighted a link between attractiveness and conservatism,” the study’s authors explained.

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Conservative Women Are More Attractive

I mean, it’s always good to have scientific data to back it up, but this study is telling us something we can readily see with our eyes.

Who needs artificial intelligence when we’ve all driven past that car with the Biden/Harris bumper sticker, looked at the driver, and said, ‘Yea, she looks exactly as I expected.’

But good on them to confirm the data points using AI, heat maps, facial expression coding, and such. I tend to trust the scientists behind this study a lot more than those that push global warming and vaccine hoaxes.

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Politicians on the Right Are More Beautiful

The “previous research” backing up their findings includes a link to a 2017 study that concluded: “Politicians on the right look more beautiful in Europe, the U.S., and Australia.”

That study, published in the Journal of Public Economics, found “voters use beauty as a cue for conservatism.” That revelation has all sorts of implications, doesn’t it?

The Political Insider published a list of the most attractive GOP women in 2022. That list included:

  • Anna Paulina Luna
  • Lauren Boebert
  • Kristi Noem
  • Tulsi Gabbard

Gabbard, though not a Republican, recently left the Democrat Party and has showcased rather conservative views in the time since.

Meanwhile, Boebert and Luna have been more than just hot – they’ve been on fire of late, championing conservatism in ways that make them even more attractive.

Boebert recently became the first House Republican in 24 years to initiate impeachment proceedings against a sitting President. She managed to leverage a procedural tool last month to force a vote on an impeachment resolution.

Republicans managed to sideline the measure but you just know she’s going to keep fighting.

Luna vowed to go after California Democrat Adam Schiff, introducing a resolution for his role in promoting the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

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It took a couple of tries due to weak-kneed Republicans unwilling to fine Schiff for his lies, but Luna’s censure effort eventually passed and he became just the third lawmaker in 40 years to suffer such a public rebuke.

It doesn’t take artificial intelligence to recognize that these women are pretty hot conservatives.

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