Power Women – The Most Attractive Republican Ladies

Most Attractive Republican Ladies
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With the midterms behind us, and Thanksgiving upon us, it is time to take a little break from the serious and rest our brains a bit. While we rate our politicians on their honesty and integrity, and if they do what they say they will do for their constituents, let’s face it.

We are all human, and even the most happily married among us still have eyes. So in the total spirit of fun, two of my favorite guys, who shall remain anonymous, have agreed to list who they think are a few of the most attractive GOP women. The ladies they would volunteer first to campaign for. Here is the unofficial list compiled by the “judges.”

Tulsi Gabbard

She is not officially a Republican, but I was told she definitely counts: former Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Tulsi showed a lot of courage when she recently left the Democrat Party, and made no bones as to why. She very politely told them they were nuts. And warmongering criminals.

Does it get hotter than that?

Being from from the Aloha state, Tulsi does a lot of surfing, and also is a practitioner of yoga. Most importantly, she is an Iraq War veteran. I am going to guess that this powerful combination is what makes up the attractiveness quotient for the judges.

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Kristi Noem

Coming in at #2: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

Gov. Noem was just reelected to her second term as the first female governor of the state. Many people might be familiar with her not just from appearances on TV, but she is also an accomplished horsewoman. 

After her father was killed in a farming accident, Kristi ran her family’s farm and ranch with her brother. She has been in politics since 2006, and is a champion of conservative causes.

She was elected governor in 2018 and is one of just three Republican female Governors. During the pandemic, Kristi Noem took a hands off approach to state mandates, much in the same way Gov. Ron DeSantis did in Florida. It turned out to be the right move. 

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Anna Paulina Luna

The judges are certainly up to date on the new faces that will be in Congress in January. Coming at #3: Newly-elected Florida Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna. Anna will represent Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

Anna’s story is an American dream story. She was born in California to a single mom, where drug addiction touched her family in many ways. Anna is an Air Force veteran, and was getting ready to attend medical school when Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk asked her to be the National Director of Hispanic Engagement for the group.

Anna became part of the Florida red wave on election night, and will be a great representative of her constituents in Washington D.C.

Lauren Boebert

At number 4: Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert. Currently, she is locked in a pretty close race for reelection, but as of this writing she has pulled ahead.

Lauren is an outspoken Second Amendment advocate, and another guess, part of the attraction for the judges is that she does not take a lot of crap from the left. She is a proud conservative, and great spokeswoman for conservatives. 

There you have it. Some of America’s most attractive GOP women. You can probably pick us out of a crowd. We are more attractive than liberal women.

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