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The REAL Income Inequality Liberals Don’t Want You To See (WHOA!)

America’s Navy SEALS are the toughest special operations military force in the world. They are the elite, and use their incredible training and athleticism to kill the enemy long before they know they are targeted. But our military receives low salaries…


Putting your life on the line and fighting Islamic terrorism doesn’t pay well. Nothing can make up for the sacrifice and valor of our patriot Navy SEALS. But don’t you think they should make AT LEAST more than President Barack Obama’s dog trainer?

This is not fair at all, and is a true example of what “pay inequality is”… Except liberals don’t want to confront it, as they despise the military.

President Obama, Michelle, and his family are elitists who have never worked a day in their lives. Obama is detached from the real-world struggles faced everyday by members of the military and their families. For many, it’s difficult to live on a military salary, while life is pretty good for those who train Obama’s dogs.

Please help us take this meme viral on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s give our SEALS a pay raise immediately! That should be Congress’ top priority.