Surprise! Russia Didn’t Blow Up Their Own Pipeline, as US Politicians and Media Insinuated

Just a few months ago, the explosions at the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea had the world wondering…

3 months ago

‘The View’ Is Not Pleased With The UK Ending COVID Restrictions

On Tuesday, the co-hosts of the popular ABC talk show 'The View" had some unkind words for British Prime Minister…

1 year ago

Woke: Britain’s Ministry Of Defence Wants Huge Increase In Number Of Women Serving

A recent report indicated that Britain’s Ministry of Defence wants to to double the proportion of women recruits in the…

1 year ago

Robert De Niro’s Ultra-Luxury Restaurants Took Millions In COVID-19 Relief Money

According to a report on Monday, wealthy anti-Trump actor Robert De Niro took coronavirus money from the government to pay…

2 years ago

Third Coronavirus Vaccine May Be Out ‘As Early As Today’

Pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca has announced that its coronavirus vaccine has an efficacy rate near to that of the Pfizer and…

2 years ago

Influential COVID Scientist Promoting Lockdown Resigns After He’s Busted Breaking His Own Quarantine Rules

Global elites refuse to abide by the very rules they've created and imposed on the proletariats.

3 years ago

Pence and Prince Mark Solemn Occasion, Battle Domestic Anti-Semites

The veep and the heir show their support for Israel.

3 years ago

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are ‘Stepping Back As Senior Members of the Royal Family’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that they have been considering this decision for the past few years.

3 years ago

British Gambling Site Gets More Bets For Hillary Than Any Other Dem Candidate

Patrons of the U.K. bookmaker 'Ladbrokes' are placing their bets on Hillary Clinton to win the 2020 Democratic nomination for…

4 years ago

Duchess Of Sussex’s Father Said She Didn’t Pay For Her College, ‘I Did And I Have The Receipts’

I don't know what side to believe in this public spat between father and daughter. Thomas Markle claims his daughter,…

4 years ago

Queen Elizabeth II To Suspend Parliament Amid Brexit Crisis

Ben Whedon on August 28, 2019 Queen Elizabeth II will prorogue Parliament at the request of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “It…

4 years ago