Surprise! Russia Didn’t Blow Up Their Own Pipeline, as US Politicians and Media Insinuated

russia blow up nord stream
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Just a few months ago, the explosions at the Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea had the world wondering if this was one of many actions that would propel our world into a disastrous World War. Fingers were pointed, with most of them firmly towards the east at the bad guy du jour, Russia. 

Instead of claiming responsibility for the attacks, Russia pointed its finger at the west, primarily at the United Kingdom. As a result, the attacks read like a Tom Clancy novel, and only a fictitious character like Jack Ryan may have any hope of genuinely discovering whodunit, so to speak. 

Here we are three months later, and like most events ‘under investigation’ in this world, we still need to find out who blew up the pipeline.

We know that someone sabotaged the pipeline and that those willing to speak about the matter aren’t so sure that sabotage comes with a thick Russian accent, despite the immediate blame from U.S. media and politicians without evidence.

What Evidence?

So what exactly do we know about the Nord Stream explosions? First, we know that Sweden has determined that the act was done via sabotage and explosives, making it a deliberate action.

Finish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto goes further, stating:

“We know that this amount of explosives has to be a state-level actor. It’s not just a single fisherman who decides to put the bomb there. It’s very professional.”

The culprit, therefore, is either a country or a terrorist organization, one can assume. Now, you would think that there would be some evidence by now that would point to who could’ve possibly committed this act of international intrigue.

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What the evidence shows is very much a mystery to the public, however one European official told the Washington Post:

“There is no evidence at this point that Russia was behind the sabotage.”

This account jives with 23 other diplomats’ and intelligence officials’ statements across nine countries involved in the investigation. And so I ask you, dear reader, whodunit?

A Convenient Outcome

Perhaps not surprisingly, Russia quickly blamed the west for the explosions. First, it alluded to the United States being culpable in the attacks. Then it evolved into pointing the finger at our strongest ally.

Russia recently claimed that they have proof that the United Kingdom spearheaded the attack with coordination from our State Department. Allegedly they have a text message between former Prime Minister Liz Truss to Secretary of State Antony Blinken stating, “It’s done” shortly after the attacks. 

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Of course, both countries deny this allegation. Russia has yet to provide any objective evidence of this claim. But then again, we live in a world where evidence doesn’t seem all that important or prevalent so perhaps that isn’t enough to disregard the possibility.

Further, we live in a world where even bulletproof evidence would be dismissed simply for coming from Russia.

After all, before Russia invaded Ukraine, it was our own President who said:

“If Russia invades…then there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

When pressed by a reporter about how President Biden planned to end Nord Stream when Germany owned the project, he said rather ominously:

“I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

It is worth noting that since the ‘ending’ of Nord Stream 2, the United States has made a deal with the United Kingdom to double our gas exports to the United Kingdom. So the explosion and the war’s effect on gas prices have benefited us after all.

Unsolved Mystery

It’s awfully predictable that the world would point the finger at Russia right after the Nord Stream explosions. It’s equally as predictable that the investigation into what happened to the pipeline would be shrouded in secrecy.

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Finally and rather conveniently, it appears the world is ready to chalk this episode up to a forever unsolved mystery, right up there with who killed JFK and what happened to Malaysian Flight 370.

A senior U.S. State Department official said:

“Forensics on an investigation like this are going to be exceedingly difficult.”

But why? How is it in a day and age where satellites track every move we make, cameras in the sky and space record every action on our planet, and an area that isn’t considered a remote location difficult to get to was so easy for a bad actor to slip in and out without so much of a trace as to their origin?

Hilariously this very scenario was prophesied by the Swedes back in 2007. When researching the viability of a pipeline in the Baltic Sea, the Swedish Defense Research Agency wrote:

“One diver would be enough to set an explosive device.”

Yet, even with the warnings in 2007, there weren’t any measures taken to ensure the area would be well surveilled, particularly amid a war between an eastern European nation and Russia, the said owner of the pipeline? That seems brilliantly stupid to me and, like everything in this situation, convenient.

The Logical Next Step

Last month the Swedish Security Service gave an update, stating:

“The investigation is extensive and complex and will eventually show whether anyone can be suspected of, and later prosecuted for this.”

What an interesting choice of words. The investigation will no longer tell us who executed this act of undersea terrorism but will show if we can even suspect anyone in the first place.

The closest evidence to anything concrete has come from CEO Jerry Javornicky of SpaceKnow, who found ‘dark ships’ via satellite imagery.

He explains:

“They had their beacons off, meaning there was no information about their movement, and they were trying to keep their location information and general information hidden from the world.”

Some say it’s possible the ship’s mandatory beacons just happened to fail. Now convenience is one thing, coincidence is another, and I’m not buying it. 

Could those two ships have been conducting a covert operation to destroy Nord Stream 2, a mission perhaps sanctioned by a western superpower? Unfortunately, we may never know, which is the teed-up narrative.

It doesn’t make much sense that Russia was the perpetrator of this crime, given that they’ve begun repairing their pipeline at the cost of a whopping $500 million. It seems odd to destroy your own crap only to fix it later. 

If I were a betting woman, I would wager that we will either never know who did it, or eventually, the truth will come out that it wasn’t Russia, but one of us ‘good guys’ who did it, and the story will be that it was a good thing that we blew up the pipeline.

After all, as new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said of our recent gas export agreement:

“Together the UK and US will ensure the global price of energy and the security of our national supply can never again be manipulated by the whims of a failing regime.”

How accurate, Prime Minister. Instead, it gets to be manipulated by the whims of holier-than-thou western powers adept at the art of covert proxy wars. You’re welcome, world.

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