Super Tuesday

Biden’s Big Moment: Viewers Think He Introduced Himself As ‘Joe Biden’s Husband’

After being introduced by his wife on day two of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), the new party nominee for…

2 years ago

Bernie Not Dropping Out, Still Fighting Joe And The Democrat Establishment

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders held a speech to address his poor performance in Tuesday's primary contests, where he told the…

3 years ago

Fox News’ Brit Hume Wonders If Joe Biden Is ‘Getting Senile’

A series of verbal missteps has Fox News political analyst Brit Hume wondering if Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden is "getting…

3 years ago

Warren Lost Because She Was Dishonest, Not Because Of Sexism!

The Democrats don't want a woman as President, especially Elizabeth Warren, who has no background or experience or accomplishments that…

3 years ago

AOC’s Plan To Launch Squad 2.0 Flops As Her Candidates Fail On Super Tuesday

While Ocasio-Cortez has become one of the most famous Democrats in Congress, she has also become a major thorn in…

3 years ago

Super Tuesday Losers

Bloomberg, Warren, and yes, Biden.

3 years ago

Trump Mocks Bloomberg’s Endorsement of ‘Sleepy Joe’ After ‘Mini Mike’ Got Destroyed On Super Tuesday

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump had some fun with the news that after a terrible Super Tuesday showing, Mike Bloomberg…

3 years ago

Trump Wins Super Tuesday As Political Base Is Energized; Dems Continue Mental Oblivion

Super Tuesday is over and Pres. Donald Trump can claim a significant victory. The president is doing his part by…

3 years ago

Super Tuesday By The Numbers

Like sports, it all comes down to the numbers.

3 years ago

President Trump Gives His Quarterly $100,000 Salary to Fight Coronavirus

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump donated his $100,000 fourth-quarter salary to the Department of Heath and Human Services to help…

3 years ago

Super Tuesday Results Start Pouring In

Read race details below...

3 years ago