Super Tuesday Losers

Bloomberg, Warren, and yes, Biden.

Warren Bloomberg

Not on the winners stand today are one rich has-been, one never ender femicrazy, and one guy who could have put it all away by clinching California but didn’t.

Bloomberg— Did the smart thing and got out of the race Wednesday morning. Which begs the question, aside from letting political consultants take their mistresses on really good vacations, why did he get in the race in the first place?

Strike one, he’s from New York. Most people don’t like the joint (and I say this as a native New Yorker) and feel the same about politicians who hail from there unless their politics are not of the local variety, i.e., Trump and Giuliani.

Strike two, short and unappealing. I kind of like the guy and like his deadpan shtick. But I’m weird and the vast majority of my fellow countrymen, apparently even the Democrats, do not agree with me. That is nothing new.

Strike three, too much money. Too much cash relieves a candidate of the discipline of earning votes and donations. It’s the easy way out. Only a marked few, like Trump, have escaped the complacency self-funding brings.

Warren— A loser from start to finish. She even lost her home state. Now that Bloomberg is not around to beat up, she has no reason not to get out and endorse Bernie. She is the political ying to his yang, the odious wind beneath his tanned leathery wings.

Maybe she’s in the race for the moment to get a better price for getting out or a cabinet slot. Her 10% and 101 delegates could help Sanders who now trails Biden by about 100 delegates. Maybe she wants to play the girl card as the only female left on the debate stage before Florida. Don’t know. But, she’s got to go.

Biden— Yeah, he had a very good night. But he would have had a great night if he had put away California. If that would have happened this would all be over and Bernie would be in Havana or Pyongyang licking his wounds. But it didn’t. So, on to Florida.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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