Senator Elizabeth Warren

Support Grows For New Currency Giving Feds ‘Full Control’ Of All Transactions

Conversations regarding the creation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) used to be confined to monetary policy aficionados and cryptocurrency…

1 year ago

AOC Squad-Mate Ayanna Pressley, Elizabeth Warren Want Racial Quotas In Coronavirus Testing

Race-baiting is always on their minds, no matter what.

3 years ago

Trump Blames Warren For Sanders Failure

The president is again adding fuel to the Democrat civil war.

4 years ago

Sanders Fires Back At Hillary After She Attacks Him – ‘Unlike Secretary Clinton, I Don’t Want To Relive 2016’

Sanders almost sounds like Trump in his response to Clinton's criticism.

4 years ago

Super Tuesday Losers

Bloomberg, Warren, and yes, Biden.

4 years ago

Super Tuesday By The Numbers

Like sports, it all comes down to the numbers.

4 years ago

Super Tuesday Results Start Pouring In

Read race details below...

4 years ago

Liz Warren Has One Job: Get Mike Bloomberg

So far she seems good at it.

4 years ago

Bernie Sanders Boards Wrong Private Plane, Continues Life Of Hypocrisy

His socialism is just for us, not for him.

4 years ago

Warren Changes Tune on Super PACs, Caves to Big Money to Stave Off Defeat

She's desperate now, hence the flip-flop.

4 years ago