Liz Warren Has One Job: Get Mike Bloomberg

So far she seems good at it.

Warren Bloomberg

Why is Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, still in the presidential race?

She has picked up few delegates, has done poorly in all contests, is hideous at presentation to promote herself, and will not do well on Super Tuesday. All these factors mitigate toward her leaving just like Steyer, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar.

If she did exit she would leave the Left lane completely open for Bernie Sanders. Though staying in the race, she’s only a minor irritant to him anyway.

However, she has one mission remaining that is advantageous to both of the men (old white men leading the PC Party) left standing who have a real shot at the nomination: Biden and Sanders. That mission is to stay in and, through feminist haranguing, make political life miserable for Mike Bloomberg.

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Bloomberg is a threat to both the big dogs because of his vast sums of filthy lucre. But he is also a threat to Biden in the middle. That may very well be seen in Florida in two weeks, as his cash and demographics make him a player there and at least a possible second place to Biden. Sanders is relatively done there because of his pro-Castro mutterings.

If Bloomberg were to somehow win Florida, it would hurt Biden. Not mortally, but enough to make Bloomberg a legit player in the big game and at the convention.

So Liz will go after Mini-Mike with both feminist barrels, as she already has at debates. She will insinuate sexual harassment and worse. She will openly call him a racist, in her self-appointed role of Race-Hustler-in-Chief of the Democrats. And she will, as she expertly has done, fluster him in debate to the point he’s either mouthing non-sequitur talking points or looking like he’s in the process of being hit by a train.

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Neither is very attractive in a presidential candidate.

So watch her attacks on him at the next debate. Liz will feign a couple of soft jabs at Biden to cover her tracks. But to suck up to Biden and Sanders both for future consideration, her real target is Bloomberg.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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