Bernie Sanders Boards Wrong Private Plane, Continues Life Of Hypocrisy

His socialism is just for us, not for him.

Bernie Sanders

Ever read Orwell’s Animal Farm? Then you probably know where I’m going here. Committed socialist Bernie Sanders’ use of private, as opposed to commercial, aviation recalls Orwell’s line from the book that “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Welcome to the Sanders brand of socialism.

We hear of this news because, after faring badly at the hands of the good people of South Carolina, Mr. “Revolution” got on the wrong private jet as he was making his escape Saturday night from the Palmetto State.

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TMZ put forth that he boarded the wrong flying yacht on his way to Massachusetts to embarrass Liz Warren by beating her in her own state next week on Super Tuesday.

Bernie and his politburo like private aviation and, according to an anonymous Twitter user, (granted, credibility is a factor here) use private jets even for distances it would take only two hours to make if they drove.

But hey, cars, those fuel-using monsters, are only for the little people. Comrade Bernie and the rest of the vanguard of the proletariat get to take winged luxury ships because, you know, for our own sakes we need to keep them in the lap of luxury.

Uh huh.

This and other hilarious examples, like celebs taking the same type of jets to global conferences on green political fads, highlight the obvious: These effete poodles talk one way and act another. It has always been this way with the Left.

During their Moscow heyday, Bernie’s spiritual ancestors had retail stores for the working proles that were filled with shoddy merchandise. However, if you were in the nomenklatura, the Soviet elite, then there were other stores, filled with foreign goods, for you to patronize. Same with medical care. One set of docs for the “people”, another for the brutish commie elite.

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So at least you can say this about Sanders, he’s historically consistent.

That and hordes of gullible Bolshies may just get him the Democratic nomination.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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