Ron Klain

Flashback: Biden’s New Chief of Staff Was Figure Behind COVID ‘Winter of Death’ Conspiratorial Warnings

President Joe Biden's new pick for Chief of Staff is a firm believer in COVID vaccines, and appears to be…

2 weeks ago

Florida GOP Lawmakers Threaten To Pull State Out Of OSHA Over Biden Vaccine Mandate

Top Republican lawmakers are calling on Florida to 'pull out' of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration – or OSHA…

1 year ago

Biden Chief Of Staff Klain Ripped For Vaccine Mandate ‘Work Around’ Comment

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain took some heat on social media on Thursday after he retweeted a post…

1 year ago

Chuck Schumer Falsely Claims That All Americans Who Wanted To Leave Afghanistan Were Able To

On Tuesday, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed that every American who wanted to leave Afghanistan was able to.…

1 year ago

He’s Back: Trump Reportedly Set To Hold Three Rallies To ‘Lay Down A Marker For 2024’

The Daily Mail is reporting that Donald Trump is planning three rallies - the first since the Capitol protests in…

2 years ago

100 Former Republican Officials Threaten To Form Anti-Trump Third Party

Reuters reports that over 100 former Republican officials will threaten to create a third party if the GOP fails to…

2 years ago

Report: Biden Anticipating A Rematch Against Trump In 2024

President Joe Biden is anticipating a 2024 rematch against Donald Trump, according to comments made by White House chief of…

2 years ago

Biden’s Pick For National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Suggests The US Should Help Facilitate China’s Rise

President-elect Joe Biden made another cabinet selection on Monday, announcing that Jake Sullivan will serve as his National Security Adviser.…

2 years ago

Here’s How Biden’s Pick for Chief of Staff Ron Klain Once Responded To Elections Being Rigged

Ron Klain, Joe Biden's selection for Chief of Staff should he be officially confirmed the winner of the 2020 presidential…

2 years ago

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Calls ‘Obamagate’ The ‘Political Version Of The Tooth Fairy’

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace dismissed President Donald Trump’s claims about the “Obamagate” scandal on Thursday, saying the President's accusations were…

3 years ago

Socialists Form PAC To Officially Take Over Democrats

This would be for the record. They already have operational control.

3 years ago