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Screenshot/Twitter/Wikimedia Commons
November 20, 2023
MSNBC political analyst Michael Steele, a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, says he has a solution to what […]
NAACP Jason Aldean
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November 9, 2023
The NAACP is demanding that a high school apologize for using the Jason Aldean song “Try That In A Small Town” at a football game.
Scarborough Trump
May 5, 2021
“Morning Joe” hosts claim that former President Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party “hostage,” praising Liz Cheney as the “rescuer.”
Bill Maher
June 8, 2020
Bill Maher just spoke out to blast “reckless” lockdowns and to warn that there will be violence after the November election, regardless of who wins it.
July 3, 2019
MSNBC host Joy Reid claims that President Trump’s 4th of July parade is meant to ‘threaten’ fellow Americans because he “styles himself a tyrant.”
Michael Steele Ron DeSantis
August 30, 2018
The Michael Steele Ron DeSantis comments, in which the former RNC Chairman sounded no different than a Democratic pundit following
April 1, 2015
Connecticut governor Dan Malloy has been anything but sane during the debate over Indiana’s religious freedom law, having banned travel […]