Michael Steele on Criticism of Indiana: Time to Bring Down the Crazy

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Connecticut governor Dan Malloy has been anything but sane during the debate over Indiana’s religious freedom law, having banned travel to the Hoosier state and going so far as to call Governor Mike Pence a “bigot.”

When Malloy, the incoming chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, appeared on Hardball to discuss the matter opposite former RNC chairman Michael Steele, he did not disappoint.

He went on a nearly 2-minute rant, while Steele calmly waited to make his points.

Once finished, Steele blasted the governor’s “hyperbole” and claimed it’s now time to bring “clarity and common sense to the conversation.”

He added that Malloy needs to “bring the crazy down a little” on the topic.

Watch the contentious segment from MSNBC below…

Via Mediaitie:

On Hardball tonight, former RNC Chairman and MSNBC political analyst Michael Steele confronted Malloy for his “hyperbole” in talking about the issue. In response to Malloy talking about the bigotry of the law, Steele said, “I cannot disagree with the governor more. He just needs to bring the crazy down a little on this.”

He scolded Malloy and they shouted at each other for a bit before Steele said, “I let you do your rant uninterrupted, now you’re gonna let me bring some clarity and common sense to the conversation.”

Steele was very insistent about the law not being discriminatory.

Of course, making Malloy’s arguments all the more crazy is this – Hot Air writes, “Malloy’s absurd response to the Indiana law is, no doubt, an effort to distract his liberal constituents from the fact that Connecticut’s RFRA law – yes, they have one, too – goes farther than the act signed last week by Gov. Mike Pence.”

Sean Davis at The Federalist writes, if Malloy “doesn’t want to look like a completely ignorant hypocrite who has no idea what he’s talking about, he should probably take a look at his own state’s laws first.”

Do you agree with Michael Steele? Is it time for Malloy, and the liberals attacking the religious freedom law to tone down the crazy a bit?

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