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It looks like the Democrat talking points have gone out and our friends from the resistance party have settled on ... Joe Biden was talking to Hunter's business associates - but only about the weather.
August 2, 2023
Democrats have shifted to admitting that Joe Biden was talking to Hunter’s business associates – but only about the weather.
Democrat Himes Says That Trump Calling Press 'Fake News' Is The ‘Litmus Test’ Of Authoritarianism
Democratic Congressman Jim Himes said that former President Donald Trump calling the press “fake news” was a litmus test of authoritarianism.
Candace Owens
April 5, 2020
Conservative activist Candace Owens looks to be gunning for leftist Democrat House member Jim Himes of Connecticut, and she has a good shot at winning.
February 28, 2020
Top Democratic leaders have reportedly launched a plan to stop Bernie Sanders at the convention, should he still be the frontrunner.
jim himes russia
December 29, 2017
A Democrat sitting on the House Intelligence Committee has confessed – the Trump/Russia collusion investigation has yielded very little of tangible value.