Democrat Reps Raked Over the Coals For Suggesting Biden Spoke With Hunter’s Business Partners About ‘The Weather’

It looks like the Democrat talking points have gone out and our friends from the resistance party have settled on ... Joe Biden was talking to Hunter's business associates - but only about the weather.
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It looks like the Democrat talking points have gone out and our friends from the other side of the political aisle have settled on the story that President Joe Biden was talking to Hunter’s business associates – but only about the weather.

Yes, they think you’re that dumb.

Indeed, the goalposts have shifted from “he never spoke to Hunter’s partners” to “well, he actually spoke to them over 20 times … but it was totally just idle chit-chat.”

First up, Representative Dan Goldman (D-NY), who admitted the latest witness testimony indicated President Biden had been in contact with Hunter’s business associates, a clear contradiction to previous claims.

“As he described it, it was all casual niceties, the weather, what’s going on,” Goldman said after the testimony of Devon Archer, a former associate of Hunter’s. “There wasn’t a single conversation about any of the business dealings that Hunter had.”

Twenty phone conversations were all about “niceties” and “the weather.”

Anybody here that believes that – I have a bridge for sale.

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President Biden Spoke To Hunter’s Business Pals About The Weather *Wink Wink*

If you thought Goldman’s claim was ridiculous, you’re not alone, but another Democrat jumped on board and actually tried making the same assertion.

Representative Jim Himes (D-CT) told the crack staff of journalists at “Morning Joe” that the President wasn’t trying to use his influence to strong-arm people into lucrative business deals. No, he just wanted to discuss the day’s barometric pressure and Doppler radar readings.

“Hunter Biden’s business partner said, ‘Yeah, he was on some phone calls talking about the weather.’ Talking about the weather! Exchanging pleasantries,” Himes said without a hint of curiosity arising from the hosts.

“You know, is that in the category of presidential family members that are problematic? Billy Carter, Hugh Rodham? Maybe it’s in that category,” he added. “But it is sure and absolutely not a crime.”

One can almost visualize Himes and Goldman yukking it up at the thought that the rubes that constitute their voting base would believe such a story. They might be right, since Democrats have a monopoly on the low-information voting bloc.

But those of us with more than three functioning brain cells aren’t buying it.

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Some People Are Rather Skeptical

Needless to say, critics on social media weren’t buying the “they talked about the weather” defense coming from the Democrat lawmakers.

Chad Gilmartin, the Deputy Spokesman for Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), seemed rather skeptical about the line of defense.

“They’re really going to stick with over 20 phone calls about the weather, huh?” he tweeted.

Why wouldn’t they? They know they’re going to get zero pushback from the legacy media.

Did anybody on “Morning Joe” promptly reply to Himes with: “Do you really expect us to believe he was only talking to them about the weather … 20 times?”

“The only people who believe this are the ones still wearing masks alone in their cars,” joked comedian Tim Young.

Don’t forget about the 12 cats that they own.

“Nobody believes Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and his crooked business associates were only talking about ‘the weather,'” tweeted the official Twitter account for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Now, let’s just say President Biden got on the phone with Hunter’s business associates and did discuss the latest heat wave. It’s still incredibly problematic on a multi-pronged front.

First, it’s an admission that the President has been lying for years when he said he “never discussed” anything in relation to his son’s business partners.

Second, Archer testified that Biden was put on the phone as a means to sell “the brand.”

Biden could have gotten on the phone and talked about his favorite flavor of pudding pop for breakfast and it would still be an obvious attempt to convey that he was onboard with Hunter’s schemes.

Ah, to be naive and ignorant. Or, as others would call it … liberal.

And now that we’ve got your attention on the ‘weather” defense, here’s another fun effort on Democrat and media talking points in defense of President Biden and his corrupt, prostitute-patronizing, parmesan cheese-smoking son.

It’s just him being a good Dad. It’s what Dads do.

Still interested in that bridge?

Archer’s testimony also confirmed then-VP Biden met in 2014 with Russian billionaire Elena Baturina — the widow of the former mayor of Moscow — at a Georgetown café. Coincidentally, Baturina was left off Biden’s Russia sanctions last year.

Hunter, according to a New York Post report last year, received over $100 million in investment backing from Baturina, a billionaire Russian oligarch and wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

But that’s no big deal. We’re sure Biden and Elena only discussed the weather during their cafe get-together.

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