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RINOs Try To Steal GOP Convention Thunder

These are a lot of desperate people who need a job.

2 years ago

The Media REFUSES to Cover This INCREDIBLE Moment at the RNC – It Proves Them WRONG!

History was made at the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio right before conservative businessman Donald J. Trump accepted the Republican…

6 years ago

After Cruz BACKSTABBED Trump, Phil Robertson’s 3 Word Response Silenced Everybody!

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of TV's popular Duck Dynasty clan, is NOT happy about Ted Cruz's embarrassing betrayal of Donald Trump.…

6 years ago

After Ted Cruz Betrayed Trump, Here’s How he RESPONDED! This is GOLD!

Last night, Senator Ted Cruz embarrassed himself in front of the entire nation at the RNC convention in Cleveland, going…

6 years ago

What Gruesome Images Did MSNBC Show That Forced Them To Issue a Warning??

Give MSNBC credit - they know their audience. An audience that consists predominantly of left-leaning, yoga-loving, safe space-hiding, special little…

6 years ago

Socialist Protester Tried To Burn The American Flag, but Then GOD and AMERICA Got Revenge!

We've seen a lot of heated protests so far at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. But a flag burning…

6 years ago

Media Tried to Accuse Donald Trump Jr. of Plagiarism too, But It Backfired in a HUGE Way!

The Clinton media did their best to stir up another plagiarism controversy at the RNC, but it backfired spectacularly when the…

6 years ago

Students ‘Triggered’ By Police Presence at the RNC, So Here’s What Their College did About it

Students at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) circulated a petition because they were "scared and concerned" over the presence of police…

6 years ago