Media Tried to Accuse Donald Trump Jr. of Plagiarism too, But It Backfired in a HUGE Way!

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The Clinton media did their best to stir up another plagiarism controversy at the RNC, but it backfired spectacularly when the speechwriter for Donald Trump Jr. hit them with the truth.

It started with The Daily Show – the comedy show that is the main source of “journalism” for the left – tweeting out a comparison of Trump’s speech to the author F.H. Buckley, who penned a column for The American Conservative magazine.

The implication was that Trump had lifted the lines from Buckley’s column for his own speech, something they desperately tried to smear Melania Trump with the previous night.

The media, not interested in doing any type of research, ran with it.

Judd Legum at ThinkProgress posted a column titled Donald Trump’s Speech Also Plagiarized.

Even RedState’s Erick Erickson jumped the gun, posting a column with the screaming headlineHOLY CRAP: Donald Trump Jr’s Speech Had Plagiarism Too.

Almost immediately however, Federalist author Mollie Hemmingway noted that Trump’s speech was likely written by Buckley himself.

It’s a somewhat obvious link, considering Buckley has been supportive of the Trump campaign.

Via The Federalist:

In fact that Trump quote sounds exactly like what George Mason University law professor Frank H. Buckley says about the administrative state. He says it a lot, and not just in the article The Daily Show found.

At first blush it looks like a retread of the previous night’s scandal, where Melania Trump’s speech echoed Michelle Obama’s speech from eight years prior.

The only similarity, though, is that both situations speak to a somewhat amateur campaign operation that doesn’t fine tune messages.

Anyone who has heard Buckley speak in recent months knows that he’s a fan of Trump’s. I personally heard him speak in favor of the Trump operation at the end of April. He’s written things critical of him, too, but he’s definitely a fan.

Buckley himself took to social media and shut down the cries of plagiarism shortly thereafter:

As for the aforementioned columns, their authors quickly went back and rewrote the headlines.

Legum’s post is now titled Donald Trump Jr’s Speech Was Also Cribbed and had to be updated with Buckley’s statement.

Erickson also modified his headline, eliminating the “HOLY CRAP” and adding a “but” at the end. He said what happened was “still wrong.”

Neither it seemed could simply admit they were wrong in following the Daily Show’s lead.

A search of Donald Trump Jr.’s speech shows several media outlets either had to change their articles or provide updates after realizing they’d jumped the gun by buying into the Daily Show’s smear attempt.

Even they had to backtrack …

Jason Miller, a Trump spokesman, responded to the uproar in the best possible manner.

Comment: Is the media desperate to create controversy over every minor thing because of their dislike of Donald Trump? Tell us what you think below.

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