The Media REFUSES to Cover This INCREDIBLE Moment at the RNC – It Proves Them WRONG!

peter thiel

History was made at the RNC convention in Cleveland, Ohio right before conservative businessman Donald J. Trump accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for president – and the liberal media refuses to cover it!

That’s because it destroys their divisive narrative. The liberal-controlled media spends every day talking about how Republicans “hate gays” just because they disagree with legalized gay marriage. But any Republican will tell you they probably know someone who is gay, maybe even a loved one. And they probably love them!

That’s why this moment was so spectacular, and proved the liberal media wrong! Via Breitbart:

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Thiel addressed the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday night and declared: “I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all I am proud to be an American.”

The crowd roared in applause and leapt to its feet in a prolonged standing ovation, shouting: “U-S-A!”

Thiel’s words — and the convention’s reactions — were historic, signifying the GOP’s embrace of gays and lesbians in the era of Donald Trump.

Watch it here:

Peter Thiel and thousands of Trump supporters clapped and cheered for the patriotic tech billionaire. Awesome!

Republicans love America first and foremost, just like Thiel said in his speech. Anti-American liberals, like President Obama who wants to “fundamentally transform” our country into a socialist hellhole, hate that!

Next time one of your liberal friends say something ignorant about “Republicans hating gays,” show them this video!

What do you think? Will the liberal media cover this story or continue to ignore it? Share your thoughts below! 

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