After Ted Cruz Betrayed Trump, Here’s How he RESPONDED! This is GOLD!

ted cruz

Last night, Senator Ted Cruz embarrassed himself in front of the entire nation at the RNC convention in Cleveland, going back on his promise to endorse Donald Trump after winning the GOP primary against 16 other candidates.

Even though Trump knew ahead of time that Cruz wouldn’t endorse him during his speech, he allowed Cruz to speak anyway.

That’s when things got hairy – Cruz received loud boos from the crowd!

Now, Trump has the PERFECT response to ‘Lyin Ted’ for going back on his word:

That takes guts. Back in 2012, Mitt Romney refused to let primary challenger Ron Paul speak at the convention, despite winning several states, because Paul refused to endorse Romney. Trump stayed classy!

Here’s Ted Cruz promising to endorse Trump, H/T Gateway Pundit:

And here’s when Cruz walked off the stage at the RNC last night:

This is incredible! This campaign season has had no shortage of amazing moments.

What do you think? Should Cruz have kept his word and endorsed Trump, or does he just sound like a sore loser? Let us know in the comments below!

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