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trump gun control

Submitted by Jay Chambers With the media circus and its political sideshow (no, those two weren’t mixed up) around gun control, is anyone else thinking maybe it’s time for straight […]

trump budget welfare

Ever since President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” socialist programs, American taxpayers have spent more and more on welfare, while the number of people taking welfare skyrockets. This was totally predictable […]

trump comey testimony

If you haven’t been following closely, the liberal media and Democrat Party have been obsessing over the Montana special congressional election to fill the seat vacated by Republican Ryan Zinke. […]

north korea

They did it, after all. By a vote of 54-45, the Republican-led U.S. Senate voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court, replacing the late, great constitutionalist […]

netanyahu syria

**UPDATE** Following the strike, Israeli citizens have raised hundreds of thousands of shekels to assist the children and families threatened by Assad’s brutal attack on his people. Last week, U.S. […]

hillary russia uranium

**Update** officials have now confirmed that Russia has indeed cut the “deconflicting” line between them and the United States in Syria. It's official: Russia suspends communications hotline w/US aimed at […]

bannon kushner

If you’ve been following the Trump White House closely, you’ll notice there seems to be a major shakeup in the works. A number of seemingly unconnected events are starting to […]

susan rice benghazi

The failures and lies of the Obama administration will continue to haunt America for years to come, with deadly consequences. That administration shamelessly lied about the most serious matters, even […]

trump travel ban meme

Liberals lie about everything. I mean, absolutely everything. Their playbook is pretty simple: When Democrats are in charge, whatever they do is good. Then, when Republicans are in charge, those […]

Trump Jr acosta fake news

Ever since Donald Trump became a serious contender for the presidency, fans and detractors alike have put a new focus on his family. The Trumps are, for the most part, […]

In the midst of controversy, there has been a major shakeup in the Trump administration. Trump’s right-hand man and chief strategist Steven Bannon has reportedly been removed from the National […]

trump un funding

Liberals and radical feminists believe in abortion-on-demand, and oppose any protections at all for unborn life. That’s why many view the “pro-choice” crowd as actually pro-abortion. Sadly, American taxpayers are […]