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connecticut covid restrictions
March 5, 2021
Democratic Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said that his state would soon be drastically rolling back COVID-19 restrictions.
Dan Rather Trump
October 12, 2020
Dan Rather told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that President Donald Trump is a “a combination of selfishness and stupidity.”
Trump Smacks Cuomo Over Nursing Home Scandal: Thousands Died Because Of NY's Governor
August 18, 2020
Gov. Cuomo slammed Donald Trump’s handling COVID-19, despite praising the President last month, and also claimed that "our way worked."
June 23, 2020
Joe Biden has not had a press conference for almost three months. On Sunday, one of his aides sidestepped the…
June 15, 2020
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo personally called bars and restaurants and threatened them with losing their liquor license.
June 9, 2020
Fox News reports that Trump will resume holding major campaign rallies in the next two weeks, after taking a hiatus…