On Sunday, veteran CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that President Donald Trump is a “a combination of selfishness and stupidity.”

Rather said:

“As members of the press, we have to keep doing our job, which is keep telling people, keep reminding people through use of facts and quotes of how unusually unique this is to have, number one, a president who says in advance of the election that if it doesn’t appear to go his way, he is going to try to tie it up in the courts and he will not commit to a peaceful transfer of power at the top, even if the indication is that he has lost.”

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Rather took over for CBS News legend Walter Kronkite in 1981 – and ever since showed a bias against conservatives until he left that seat a decade-and-a-half-ago.

Rather has always denied he had any bias in his reporting, but the conservative Media Research Center compiled a list of examples suggesting otherwise.

His latest? Rather believes President Trump has mental issues.

Dan Rather On Donald Trump: ‘He Is Mentally Unstable’

“Number two,” Rather continued on CNN on Sunday, “there has never been anything approaching this in the way of voter suppression by any president of the United States. And the presidents has to continue to frame things in that way.”

Rather added, “As to his mental condition, I know there is a theory — he is mentally unstable. I am not qualified to say that.”


“I will say this,” Rather said. “He is constantly engaging in anger, manic behavior, abusive behavior, mocking behavior, and so often indicating that he would score in the high 90’s on an IQ test.”

Rather then further denigrated the President’s intelligence.

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This is rich. Has Rather questioned Joe Biden’s mental faculties?

Because virtually everyone else has.

No, he continued to trash Trump.

Rather: Trump ‘Is Both Tragedy And Farce’

“We have a combination of selfishness and stupidity operating our White House,” Rather said Sunday. “People, I think, will see that eventually.”

Rather continued, “Will they see it in time to avoid what is ahead for us? Frequently, in the past, and what I will call normal times, that there is a fine line between a tragedy and farce. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago.”

“The story of the Trump administration is both tragedy and farce,” Rather finished.

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