Trump Suggests Biden Is Taking Drugs to Appear Coherent During Speeches

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President Trump, in an interview that aired on Fox News over the weekend, suggested Democrat nominee Joe Biden is using drugs to boost his performance during televised speeches.

Trump was discussing interview prep with host Judge Jeanine Pirro, noting that he has seen Biden perform admirably in past debates against the likes of Bernie Sanders.

“I don’t know what’s going to show up. I see different guys,” Trump observed. “I see a Biden that tied Bernie. Everybody thought he would be killed by Bernie. It wasn’t Winston Churchill but it was fine. But I have seen him where he wasn’t coherent.”

Pirro followed that train of thought, asking the President how Biden can go from incoherent at times, to coherent and fine other times.

“I think there’s probably – possibly – drugs involved,” Trump replied. “That’s what I hear.”

“I don’t know how you can go from being so bad, where you can’t even get out a sentence,” he continued. “I used to say how is it possible he can go forward.”

Biden Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Is this an example of Trump joking around about Biden? Or has he “heard something,” as he stated? Or neither?

One thing is certain, the President is a master of beating the Democrats and the media at their own game. Since they’ve engaged in baseless allegations about Trump’s health, fighting fire with fire is fair game.

A fairly recent book written by New York Times correspondent Michael Schmidt implied, without evidence, that the President had suffered from a series of mini-strokes and that Vice President Mike Pence had been on standby to take command if necessary.

The accusation was repeated all over social media by Biden’s supporters.

Trump denied the story.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo, a shining example of impaired thinking, suggested Biden beats President Trump when it comes to mental acuity.

“Today this president gave us reason to believe that his judgment may not just be bad. It may be impaired,” Cuomo alleged.

Within minutes, the little brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo got a little tongue-tied himself.

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Trump Fights Back With All His Might

President Trump is the most aggressive Republican to ever fight back against the liberal media – and it’s not even close. Why would he make a comment about Biden and drug use, you ask?

Because it’s going to force the media to cover the mental acuity aspect of the presidential race. And that’s not something Biden is going to want to discuss.

A poll taken by Rasmussen Reports in June indicates that a shocking 20 percent of Democrat voters – and a staggering 38 percent of voters overall –  think Biden has dementia.

61 percent of voters believe Trump’s opponent needs to address the matter of dementia publicly.

Trump’s jab about drugs may force Biden to speak up.

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Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick recently said the Democrat nominee is “not the same Joe Biden,” that “he’s lost a step,” and “doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.”

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When challenged on his cognitive abilities, Uncle Joe is just a touch jumpy.

President Trump has challenged Biden to take the same cognitive test he “aced.”

“Joe should take that test because something is going on, and I say this with respect,” Trump said. “I mean, [it’s] going to probably happen to all of us, right? You know, it’s going to happen. But we can’t take a chance of it happening.”

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