Trump Wants To Challenge Biden To Cognitive Test As Dems Quietly Admit Joe Lacks ‘Mental Acuity’

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President Donald Trump wants to challenge Joe Biden to take a cognitive test, while top Democrats quietly admit their man lacks “mental acuity.”

Trump Thinks That His Opponent Won’t Pass A Cognitive Test

In an article from the Washington Post, White House insiders revealed that during a cabinet meeting in early June, President Trump questioned former Vice President Biden’s mental health. Trump discussed the cognitive screening test he took in 2018 as part of his physical examination, and remarked that Biden would likely never be able to pass such a test.

The President went on to suggest that he should challenge Biden to take the test.

This isn’t the first time that President Trump has questioned the mental acuity of Biden. The President has often referred to his 2020 opponent as “Sleepy Joe,” and in an interview with a Boston radio station last year, said that Biden is “not as smart as Bernie [Sanders], and he’s not as quick.”

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Sleepy Joe Is Unravelling, And Democrats Know It!

At the same time, there have been reports emerging that top Democrats also doubt the cognitive ability of Joe Biden.

“A lot of Democrats will tell you, at least, privately that he does not have the mental acuity that he even had a couple of years ago and this is a candidate that simply would not able to withstand the type of press conferences that the current president has, as far as them going on for an hour-hour and a half, taking questions with multiple outlets with no ground rules attached,” Joe Concha, a media reporter for The Hill, told Fox and Friends.

It’s been 77 days since Joe Biden’s last press conference.

“It’s a lot easier … to have, say, a handpicked interview, where you have ground rules for interviews, with certain outlets that may be friendly to your candidate, as opposed to having a press onference, which Mr. Biden has not done for 80 days,” Concha continued.

I just can’t wait for the debates!

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