Fox News reports that President Donald Trump will resume holding major campaign rallies in the next two weeks after taking a hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Americans are ready to get back to action and so is President Trump’

Trump had suspended the rallies over obvious public health concerns.

“Americans are ready to get back to action and so is President Trump,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale told Fox News. “The Great American Comeback is real and the rallies will be tremendous. You’ll again see the kind of crowds and enthusiasm that Sleepy Joe Biden can only dream of.”


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The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, said as late as March 9th that attending campaign rallies may not be a bad idea.

“You know, I can’t comment on campaign rallies,” Fauci said. “It really depends. We are having as we all said — this is something in motion. This is an evolving thing. … If you want to talk about large gatherings in a place you have community spread, I think that’s a judgment call, and if someone decides they want to cancel it, I wouldn’t publicly criticize them.”


Days later, President Trump said, “I’m not going to do it if I think it’s going to be negative at all. I don’t want people dying.”

The Monday announcement that Trump would be resuming major campaign events comes in the wake of some polls showing the President’s support is lagging.

“CNN Polls are as Fake as their Reporting,” Trump tweeted Monday. “Same numbers, and worse, against Crooked Hillary. The Dems would destroy America!”

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Bottom Line: Dems Fear Trump’s Massive Rallies

Team Trump originally canceled campaign events the had been planning in March when the pandemic made it virtually impossible to proceed with their original plans.

These major events drawing thousands of people were Trump’s primary campaign weapon in 2016 and would no doubt be a significant boost to his 2020 efforts.

Many speculated that Democrats were eager to keep restrictions in place to keep Trump from drawing large crowds and helping his re-election prospects.

That strategy, real or not, might soon be a moot point for liberals either way.

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