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Clint Eastwood
Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
August 10, 2023
Clint Eastwood is in mourning after the death of Roxanne Tunis, a Hollywood stuntwoman who was the "love of his…
Denzel Washington Police
February 1, 2021
Hollywood left support "defund the police" movement, actor Denzel Washington says that law enforcement and member of the U.S. military.
De Niro Trump
November 23, 2020
Robert De Niro has spoken out to warn supporters of Donald Trump that they "should be afraid of what's gonna…
michael mckean lil wayne
November 2, 2020
Michael McKean called Lil Wayne a “sellout” after the rapper met with President Trump and praised his Platinum Plan for…
rob reiner trump
October 27, 2020
Rob Reiner unraveled as he outrageously claimed that President Donald Trump's closing strategy is to "kill as many Americans as…
August 20, 2020
Hollywood star Michael Keaton just called for President Donald Trump to resign, saying that it "would be very patriotic."
Trump Reiner
August 14, 2020
Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner says he'd go to the polls to put this "racist criminal" Donald Trump behind…
James Woods Kimmel
June 24, 2020
Legendary actor James Woods responded to the apology late night host Jimmy Kimmel gave for past actions that have been…
Cruz Perlman
June 15, 2020
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and "Hellboy" actor Ron Perlman have been going at it all day challenging each other to…
James Woods Police
June 12, 2020
Conservative actor James Woods has started a campaign on Twitter listing all police officers who died in the line of…
Trump Alec Baldwin
May 21, 2020
All Baldwin just launched a vile attack on Americans who've "spent decades telling the world how great we are." He…
Streisand Midler
May 19, 2020
Hollywood liberals are in full meltdown mode over President Donald Trump admitting that he is taking the drug hydroxychloroquine.