Stranger Danger! Biden Tells Children at the White House That ‘Daddy Owes You’ Ice Cream And People Are Disturbed

Biden daddy owes you
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President Biden, speaking to a packed crowd in the East Room of the White House Wednesday, raised eyebrows by telling the children in attendance that “daddy owes you” ice cream.

Biden was making remarks celebrating the anniversary of the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act, a tax and spend/climate change bill he recently admitted never should have been labeled as being inflation-reducing.

Prior to speaking on that topic, however, the President decided to address the children in the room, always a perilous move on his part.

“I want to say one thing to your children: I know some really great ice cream places around here,” he said. “And Daddy owes you. Okay?”

“So, talk to me afterward.”

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Joe Biden Offers Ice Cream to the Kids

I’m not saying Joe Biden is creepy but … well, wait a minute. Yes, yes, I am saying that.

And I’m pretty sure at least one woman standing behind him had some serious concerns.

biden daddy owes you

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That looks like a woman thinking, ‘The hell did he just say?’

Now, let’s address the fact-checkers right off the bat. Biden was probably referencing the fathers of the children in the room when he said ‘Daddy.’

But the phrase ‘Daddy owes you’ ice cream would have been more understandable coming from a man standing in front of a windowless van, and likely would have ended with Chris Hansen walking out with the camera crew of To Catch a Predator.

Just sayin’.

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Biden Just Creeped Out a Little Girl Last Month

President Biden has a vast and well-documented history of creepy behavior around women and children.

Prior to Daddygate, he was heavily criticized over an odd video showing him pretending to nibble a small girl during a trip to Finland last month.

In what social media users described alternately as “strange” and “creepy” behavior, Biden pretended to gobble up a little girl who recoils in horror.

He then moves in for either a peck on the head or his trademark sniff. Or maybe he just wanted her to know that ‘Daddy has ice cream.’

Biden demonstrated some of the other bizarre behavior we’ve become accustomed to, including the dreaded whisper and random shouting that have become hallmarks of his public appearances.

At the same event, the President began shouting and challenged anybody in the room to name one thing he has failed to accomplish.

“Name me a single objective we’ve ever set out to accomplish that we failed on. Name me one in all of our history,” he yelled for no reason. “Not one.”

First of all, the folks at Encyclopedia Brittanica would be intimidated by the volume of work it would take to produce a list of failures under this administration.

Second, remember there were so many children in the room that Biden offered them ice cream to start the speech. Now they have to be wondering what the old man in front is shouting about and, frankly, are probably a little terrified.

Hopefully, the parents in attendance at this event had a discussion with their children about ‘stranger danger’ during the ride home.

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